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Skis and sleds to travel by train for free, train may stop up the slopes

The train ride for winter pleasures is simple. For transporting skis, snowboards, sleds as beans or oversized luggage is no charge. In many locations you can also take advantage of the train to travel not only to ski resorts themselves, but literally almost on the slopes or at the start of trails.

Such sites include Moldava in the Ore Mountains, in Ramzová Jeseníkách or Spicak Jizerské mountains. However, you can also head into the international winter resorts, especially for longer stays, for example, the Slovak Republic. On the day of skiing it is possible to travel to the border mountains, for example, in the popular resort Szklarska Poreba Jakuszyce in Jizera mountains.

Winter sports equipment is transported as baggage and passengers may postpone it to the usual space for luggage, such as shelving and storage space between the seats or under them. In some types of cars they are even installed special stands. Free carriage of winter sports equipment is to travel throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

Train until winter resorts or cross-country skiing

In some places, both at home and abroad, direct trains run to the winter resorts or ski slopes and cross-country trails. Athletes in this case there is no problem with finding a free parking space. Direct trains example from Prague to Šumava Špičák and Ruda. To the north of the Republic direct trains to Trutnov or Tanvaldu where it is possible to transfer to other connections to the Giant Mountains or Jizera Mountains. There are trains and in stations Kořenov, Harrachov and Polish Szklarska Poreba to Jakuszyce. Everywhere there are close to Metro tracks.

From Brno it is possible to target direct trains to Jesenik. The stop Ostružná and Ramzová are nearby ski resorts. Similarly, near the ski slopes train station Spicak Jizerské mountains. In the Ore Mountains you can transfer from the train to the "white track" for example, in Nejdku, New Hamry, Pernink in Horni Blatna or in Moldava in the Ore Mountains. In Beskydy catch a train in Karolinka and Great Karlovic.

The Slovak Republic are on the train easily accessible ski resorts mainly in the north of the country, as -Malinô Brdo Ruzomberok, Jasna - Chopok or place in the High Tatras. Thanks to timely skiing using Europe are easily accessible by train and mountain ski resorts in Austria. For example, the journey from Prague to Innsbruck cost of 524 CZK and takes about 7 ¾ hours, or to St. Anton am Arlberg is the ticket also from CZK 524 and the travel time is less than 9 hours by train.

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