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Sensitive skin requires gentle care, not just occasionally lubricate

Sensitive skin can torment only in the winter. Problems can also arise when using a new cosmetic product. How about sensitive skin care properly, to be healthy and strong, and when it is necessary to visit a dermatologist?

Does your skin is prone to dryness, peeling and ease irritation? Obviously you belong to a group of people with sensitive skin. Problems can cause improper care, irritating cosmetic products and to some extent even heredity. Burning sensation, stress and redness but may not be associated only with sensitive skin - can also be a manifestation of some skin diseases. A visit to a specialist in that case, do not delay and do not wait for problems to worsen.

If the dermatologist eliminate skin disease, which may present similarly sensitive skin, I advise you how to properly care for your skin. It is important to know that you suffer from atopic eczema, skin inflammation , rosacea, psoriasis and allergies.

Proper care of sensitive skin

How to properly care for sensitive skin?
Avoid drying and crushing of the skin. Damaged skin protect nerve endings sufficiently and causes increased sensitivity.
Moisturize skin using compositions containing petrolatum, mineral oil or glycerine, ideally after showering.
Protect yourself with appropriate clothing from extreme weather such as strong wind, frost or very hot.
Body cosmetics should contain as few ingredients and should not be perfumed.
Do not use products with alcohol and retinoids causes both skin drying.
Avoid waterproof decorative cosmetics, which requires stronger facial resources.
Discard skin and body care products with expired consumption - could multiply in them harmful microorganisms.

Sunscreens should have a minimum SPF 30th Remember them when you are in the sun for longer than 20 minutes. The sun can burn skin, even in winter, especially in the mountains where the sun's rays reflect off the snow.

New cosmetics? Only after testing

Want to buy a modern type of cream or lotion, but you are afraid of how they will react your sensitive skin? Follow these basic rules:
After a few days, apply a small amount of new cosmetics at the ear and leave it on overnight.
If you do not observe any reaction, try the same thing on the skin around the eyes.
If not at this point cosmetics does not cause any discomfort such as burning or itching, and the skin turns red, you can start using the new product.

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