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Outside the ice? Have fun at home!

Maybe you live in the middle of town where almost never snows and freezes rarely, so you almost do not know winter. But what if not? What do you do all day when all around snow and ice?

It is offering a turn on the television and switch off the brain, but is not it a pity? If you're not sending your favorite show, try it another way. Perhaps you have in your neighborhood someone who will be delighted to spend some free time. Feel free to play with him. Games do not just for kids!

for gamblers

Multiple sclerosis may prevent you comfortably hold a standard playing cards or easily discern their designation. Solving both problems is simple - extra large playing cards. You can find them under the name jumbo playing cards or playing cards for seniors. They are large and clearly labeled cards, which will make your games really comfortable. High prices do not worry, usually is comparable to the price of common reader.
If you have trouble pulling the right card from your deck, try them bend corners. You'll see, it will go better.
Not keep cards in hand in the symbol of fan? Does not matter! You need to have them in a shoebox. There can conveniently unfold, you see them and you opponent into them not looking. If you enjoy this elegant solution seems a little, get a map holder. It is widely available and inexpensive thing.
Do not know how to shuffle cards? Even it you can buy a "widget" - Automatic Mixing cards. But you do not spend cards are mixed well and protřesením in the box.

Make a scrabble

When you are tired of cards, you can go to the board game. Ludo, Scrabble (composing words) or puzzles are great. Or rather chess? This is all possible to buy in an enlarged version, which will complicate life. I dominoes are usually large enough to be easily grasped. Imagination has no limits.
If you do not want to spend money on a new board game, you can easily make at home. Maybe he left in the closet an old canning lids. Simply click on each of them write a letter with a medicinal marker, and soon you have your own scrabble. On the extra large chess you just need a big Thursday, a black marker and a couple of small plastic bottles. Superbly fun in the factory.

We wish you inside to rediscover the forgotten piece of the child and enjoyed the fun.

Source: Ereska aktivně.cz

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