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Where to look for suitable rental housing, and what to watch out for

Where to look for suitable rental housing, and what to watch out for When looking for an apartment lease, you have several options. You can ask their friends to contact the real estate agent or use various websites on which they advertise their homes by landlords. All methods have their advantages and disadvantages. So it pays to be cautious just before signing the contract, but possibly even before the signing of other documents that precede the lease agreement.

The first option when looking for a rental apartment is unbalance between networks known. For the landlord may be in this situation the advantage that gives the tenant who will not be completely unknown. Often in such cases, and reduce the cost of rent, because they feel more confident that the tenant will pay the rent and services and will not be damaging. "Yet even in such relationships, we recommend not to rely only on an oral agreement and the good word and conclude the contract in writing and edited in the mutual rights and obligations. The personal relationship that appeared during the negotiation of the lease advantage, it might prove a complication in the moment when one of the parties want to terminate the lease, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

If you decide to rent conclude through real estate agency, you pay her for negotiating the lease fee, sometimes amounting to one or two bounty, which represents a relatively high amount. Moreover, unfortunately, you do not always have the certainty that the lease contract will be defended your interests. "Caution should be taken care if you after real estate before searching or exploring specific apartment will want to sign a reservation contract to rent an apartment. In the agreement may in fact be an obligation to pay a booking fee and amounting to 10,000 crowns for example. Booking fee then failing real estate agent or landlord if you decide not to enter into a lease, "says Green.

Charges may yet fail even if the lease agreement is left open because it promises to be hung realtor. Unfortunately, the behavior of some offices may also demonstrate signs of deception, which elicit the candidates deposit or booking fee in advance and count on the fact that the tenants will be offered refuse. Sometimes real estate agents even require payment of a sum of money without a contract and issue you a receipt, of whom can not read, that you have not paid as a deposit on an apartment. Get one paid the money back can be very difficult.

Rental apartment you can find spite of niche sites that advertise offers directly from the owners. Reward for advertising these websites pays landlords. "We recommend to have a lease, sometimes also downloaded from specialized sites checked by a lawyer, it is for him a fairly normal activity for which usually collects a sum of around two thousand crowns," says Green.

When searching for an apartment over the Internet can also be wary of suspiciously advantageous offers that appear in recent years. "The script is very similar. You can find everything on the menu foreigners, who in AD argues that in Prague, originally bought the apartment, for example, studying her son. Now, however, we need to be rented. Because the need to make rent, lease provides for an amount much lower than the rent for similar apartments. It has only one condition is outside the Czech Republic and the apartment is rented you willing to pay deposit equal to two months' rent, amounting to 10,000 to 20,000 crowns. After paying the deposit then vainly waiting for keys or representative landlord that you should be before, "says Green instance and adds advice:" when trying to find the apartment also never rely solely on the photographs and negotiating the lease always personally visit and meet with his condition. "

Consulting in lease relationships and relationships related to housing provides dTest thanks to financial support from the Ministry for Regional Development of the project dTest helps with problems with housing.

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