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First mikrojesle are in the Pardubice region

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs allowed the emergence of 72 mikrojeslí, which this year will be in operation. Mikrojesle are supported by the Operational Programme for Employment and they were released more than 133 million crowns. Mikrojesle first opened in early January Kulihrášek family center in Pardubice.

"The interest of municipalities and the general public about mikrojesle exceeded all expectations as they really mean a substantial expansion of a range of childcare services. Help parents reconcile work and family. It is a great achievement that, from submission to first mikrojeslí passed only six months, "said Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Michael Marks.

Pardubice Family Center operates Kulihrášek Miniškolka Kuliklubíčko and newly mikrojesle Kuliklubíčko. "From the opening we are happy because it was considerably to meet the demand of parents, to which we responded, and also closer to the dream of an easier adaptation of the youngest children in a small family team," said Tanya Pipková, coordinator of the family center.

Mikrojesle are high-quality and affordable service designed for parents of very young children. One caregiver providing skilled care for children from six months to four years in a group of up to four children.

This ensures an individual approach to each child. Mikrojesle are set so that they are affordable, they are in operation five days a week at least eight hours a day. The founder mikrojeslí can be a municipality, an organization municipalities, NGOs and legal persons carrying out activities of schools and educational institutions in partnership with municipalities.

MLSA cooperates with the founders and provide them with support through counseling.

Source: MLSA tz

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