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On a winter vacation in the mountains heading next to tourists and thieves

Tens of kilometers of snowy slopes, prepared trails for cross-country skiers. These are the attractions for which the Czech mountains currently headed by thousands of tourists. Along with them, but in the crowded resorts and ski areas also set off car thieves and robbers, focusing on 'forgotten' valuables in them. One hundred percent protection against them does not exist, the risk of burglary or theft can be mitigated, however.

Thieves and organized gangs aimed at the domestic mountains in winter regularly. Luxury cars attract a visitor areas and sports equipment and other valuables deferred in cars. "Our statistics from past years have confirmed the increased number of thefts of cars in popular ski areas, especially in the period from January to March. So during spring break and winter holidays, "says Petr Rybníček, a specialist in security and vehicle tracking system SHERLOG.

Beware of belongings. The thief's "invitation" to breaking into cars

A number of thieves who along with skiers annually issued to the mountains, not target the cars themselves, but what they found in them. Can go on ski equipment, expensive sportswear, laptop, GPS navigation, radio and other electronics and other valuables. If these objects are visible from the outside, it is as if the owners of car thieves to steal directly encouraged. Therefore, even if you seem to be strictly guarded parking lot, anything of value in your car definitely leave. In the car they should also not remain even a purse or bag. Although they can be empty or contain things for a couple of hundred crowns, but this thief knows in advance and the theft of a broken window, then you really expensive.

Avoid parking without surveillance and security cameras

Thieves have space for breaking into cars and stealing their carefully chosen. Cars are often rob and steal in areas that are not very secure - too often, or at all here nezajíždějí police patrols, missing them or camera system is a guarded parking lot. "If you set out to the mountains and do not have a secured parking in the guarded parking at the hotel, for example, always prefer to choose a parking lot, which is guarded by security guards or cameras. Parking outside the secure space or even somewhere along the road away from the ski resort of putting your car at unnecessary risk, "explains Petr pond.

Do not underestimate the security

No security vehicle theft defend one hundred percent of any obstacle that deters thieves or abstain, but the plan. Basic security is generally already included in the price of the car next to him, but it pays to purchase as mechanical security in the form of lock gear lever or steering wheel. Popular is sandblasting glass, which are usually placed in so-called VIN code. This does not prevent thieves getting into the car, but because of the need to replace the stained glass reduces the price of the car. Favorites are also called After theft systems, allowing the car to find even after it has been stolen.

Accident insurance protects you in case of theft. Can arrange short term

In the Czech Republic, unlike other EU countries, relatively little extended insurance. This is compared to the basic third party insurance applies only to liability insurance for damages caused by traffic accidents, but also vandalism, natural disasters and theft just around the vehicle or its parts. If you do not pay a fuse year round - especially in older cars because the amount of the transactions often disappointing considering the price - consider its acquisition for a shorter period. Some insurers offer accident insurance, for example, for 30 days. And that such a financial burden may not be.

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