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Big chill freezes and diesel. What tanked to start without trouble?

Big chill freezes and diesel. What tanked to start without trouble? In the Czech Republic hit by severe frost and owners of diesel cars can easily get into trouble. Oil is at low temperatures is frozen. The standard prescribes this period sell oil with filterability to -20 ° C, the temperature in the last days but reached a lower value.

Many motorists may have a tank mixture still fall transition of oil, so that the problem could occur at temperatures of about -8 ° C. The solution is an additive to diesel or heavy frosts. If you fuel freezes, it will help car repair shop or garage warm.

Unlike gasoline, which operate entirely standard and freezing temperatures down to -40 ° C, contains diesel paraffins, which at temperatures lower than -8 ° C produce tiny crystals that can reduce throughput filter and sometimes you can even clog. Diesel standard therefore specifies so-called filterability CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point), which indicates the temperature at which it becomes clogged with cold diesel filter. On the Czech market, depending on the season sells several types of diesel, which vary filterability.

The quality of diesel fuel is defined by European and Czech standards they must adhere to manufacturers, distributors and retailers at the pump. In the period from 15. 4. to 30. 9. sells summer oil belonging to class B with filterability to 0 ° C. From 1. 10. to 15. 11. follows Class D, called transition naphtha, which is -10 ° C. "You currently have any public filling stations offering diesel fuel for winter mild climate class F, which filter plugging point is -20 ° C," says Damir Durakovic (Axigon). In many places in the Czech Republic these days but fell overnight and the temperature below -20 ° C. Offering Therefore, the question of how to avoid the problem of freezing diesel fuel. "Higher resistance against freezing a motorist can obtain on their own, adding special additives to diesel fuel," says Durakovic that individual additivation can improve the filtration rate of 5 ° C.

Motorists often make the mistake that they have more in the tank mix with summer diesel fuel filterability around 0 ° C, for example, filled up around September 30 and intermediate oil to -10 ° C, for example, filled up around 10 November. "The final blend of summer and transition diesel tank of the vehicle can then lead to the formation of paraffin crystals already at outside temperatures below -8 ° C and one supplement winter diesel fuel filter plugging point of -20 ° C operational reliability of diesel for such severe frosts not secure," says Vaclav Loula, head of the permanent commission for fuel Czech Association of Petroleum industry and trade (CAPIT). According to him, the situation may also complicate water in the fuel system or fuel filter long unaltered. Now that it is appropriate to replace before winter. If the fuel freezes, usually we can not do without professional help. "The service vehicle will replace diesel filter and clean the fuel system loosed from paraffins. Where a vehicle is parked in a warm garage or hall, it is also a solution. Consequently, it is necessary to add the additive and supplement the diesel tank of a better winter performance, "says Václav Loula.

On the Czech market as some companies offer premium diesel. They are specially doped or technologically modified, thereby improving a number of useful properties, such as easier cold starts, corrosion protection and lubrication. "Some premium diesel fuel for winter have better filterability, mostly in the range from -26 ° C to -30 ° C. Dispensing places are usually a marketing label with additional information that it is the fuel for strong frosts, "says Václav Loula. "According to the development of temperatures may be available and Arctic diesel class 2 at selected petrol stations, especially in mountainous areas, or selected, the so-called protected customers. It has filterability up at -32 ° C, "says Loula. Protected customers represent ambulances, fire brigade, army, as well as hospitals that must have fuel for their diesel engines, or even transport companies that may have contracted deliveries of arctic diesel fuel to ensure operational reliability in extreme cold.

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