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Smoke from children? Damaging them more than you know!

Warning signs on cigarette packs are not just an advertising sign. Passive smoking causes the child's organism a number of health complications. Since infection of the middle ear through the respiratory problems up to sudden infant death syndrome. If you can not quit, do not smoke, at least in the presence of children and do not make them breathe your smoke.

Smoking in pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy is surrounded by numerous myths. For example, that quitting would mean too much stress for the baby. Women smokers these nonsensical statements and often subject to smoke during pregnancy. But the truth is that when you smoke during pregnancy expose your child a significant health risk.

Cigarette smoke contains thousands of substances that can impair fetal development and cause the development of serious diseases.

Smoking in pregnancy
increases risk of miscarriage
slows physical development,
damaging the lining of the airways,
increases the risk of malignant tumor growth
harms the child's brain function.

And all this even if you do not belong among active smokers, but "only" staying in a smoky environment.

Children at risk

Inhalation of cigarette smoke, however, threaten children throughout their development. As a child, not yet developed defense mechanisms in the airways and immune system undergoes a turbulent development. The substances contained in tobacco products and are able to baby's sensitive organism to cause extensive damage. Despite this known fact, parents and relatives of millions of children worldwide smoke in homes and cars.

Harmful "Seven"

Passive smoking can cause children to develop a variety of serious health problems. Among the most common are:
Sudden infant death syndrome.
Annually in our country for some unexplained infant deaths. Among the possible culprits include while inhaling cigarette smoke.
Difficulty breathing. Passive smoking can cause frequent bouts of coughing, sore throat, bronchitis or pneumonia.
Cold. Children of smokers, according to statistics frequently visited by general practitioners for colds, flu or angina.
Inflammation of the middle ear. The same applies to recurrent infections of the middle ear.
Bronchial asthma. Staying in a smoky environment also increases the risk of asthma and respiratory allergies.
Dental caries. The inhaled cigarette smoke harms the mouth and contributes to tooth decay.
Cancer. Thousands of hazardous substances that get into a child's body with cigarette smoke, can cause malignant tumor growth in childhood and adulthood.

Every time you have a desire to smoke around children, remember to list these diseases. If that does not deter you from smoking, try not his habit to run at least beyond their reach. Even though it may not at first glance look like inhaling cigarette smoke is very damaging to them.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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