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It pays to insure liability for harm?

For their actions bear responsibility. When our mistake will pay someone else to get into an awkward situation from which it can help insurance for injury. What forms of insurance exist, what in its choice to consider it, and when we denounce?

Burst water supply hose to the sink awkward sweep with a backpack in the store or fall on the fragile lady while running up the escalator - is "earned". All these cases should cover liability insurance, which is popularly known as the "fuse crap". We are not responsible only for themselves but also for their minor children or pets. Some insurance must negotiate legally compulsory, the rest is up to us. For example, drivers may not drive on the road uninsured, a vehicle insurance. Accident on bicycle or on skis can also cause high damage but the insured to it need not be.

"The most common form of insurance is liability insurance in ordinary civil life. Supplement insurance can be damages to the employer. This is useful if an employee has material responsibility for the entrusted thing or cash balance, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest, and explains:" Every contract differently defines its scope the situation where they apply. When choosing a fuse, we must first consider what risks are important to us and what we fear. Fuses are usually sold in standardized packages, which set out the individual risks and sums insured. Flexible or infrequent risks, of course, are subsidizing. "

If the performance, we have an obligation to cooperate in the investigation of the insured event. If we avoid various exclusions, the insurance company pays us or injured proper performance. If we are not satisfied with the course of investigation of the claim or the amount the insurance company eventually paid within three months of notification of an insured event, we can terminate the contract. "After the insured event can count on termination of the agreement from the other side. If the insurance company to have a contractual or statutory reason, I like our insurance will go up, because she had to pay, "says Green.

It is a different kind of legal protection insurance. It will not protect us nor so when something we cause, but rather in situations where the offender curls and without a court order does not want to pay or blame unjustly throws at us. For example, when investigating traffic accidents sometimes becomes the victim of the offender and vice versa. But not everyone can afford to pay the best lawyer to help claiming their rights in an eventual lawsuit. The insurance of legal liability insurance or pay their external lawyers, expert opinions and mitigates the risk arising costs by covering fees and costs. Again, even in legal protection can insure different risks and accordingly selects the appropriate product.

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