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New Švandovo Theatre: A decent man Karel Capek

About how unusual it may be an ordinary human life, says a new staging of theater Švandovo decent man. On motives brilliant amendment Karel Capek ordinary life he was written and directed by Martin Short - actress, who is increasingly strongly promoted as a theater director. Premiered going into the basement studio on Saturday, February 4, 2017 from 19 pm.

Like Capek's novel Krakatit, which was in the form of a play at ŠVANDA nearly four years before the world premiere, and ordinary life on stage the first time. The writer wrote it during the summer of 1934 and after novels Hordubal, Meteor, it culminates called. Noetic trilogy in which the author dealt with human knowledge. And he concluded that not only our knowledge but also our life itself contains more possibilities and forms than their own I guess ...

The hero of the story, an unnamed railway official retired schedules at the end of life, mind, to discover that his "normal life" was not nearly as straightforward and clear as well as to himself seems. The modest, decent man suddenly becomes almost běsovská character from whose subconscious flashes of passion, instincts, sins, errors and mistakes, meanness and lies ... How many different "I" actually in us? How many of them acknowledge the right of existence? And that's it?

Heartfelt Martina Short

Still vivid artwork by Karel Capek for Švandovo theater loosely adapted by Martin Short. The stage version of the common man thinking since 2010 - since she is an actress appeared in Hordubal in the Theatre Husa (directed by JA Pitínský's are played out Hafia, daughter of the protagonist, whose killer viciously stab the heart, and this is the end mysteriously lost). Capek's work on the draft so short no coincidence perceives as his "love affair".

"Until recently I was in all his productions, trying to capture subjects that burns and hurts society," she says. "Mirror, which has the option to set the theater has incredible healing effects. This year I got the impression that it is necessary to pause. Everything is somehow too fast. Therefore Čapek and therefore its celebration of life called ordinary life. Ordinary life that's never not common, "says Martin Short.

Road movie on the train

And why the filmmakers decided Čapkova of ordinary life do decent man? "All of Čapek's works is one theme in common, and that is the man," says Martin Short. "In the case of ordinary life in terms of insight into the soul of the common man. And it is also a topic that is devoted to the production - exposing human beings, "explains the director. That his "road movie in one place" were placed in the train compartment - everyday places and magical at the same time.

Decency again on the scene

"We believe that it makes sense again and again to think through what each of us grace is, and how it is with her, really," says Libor production dramaturg Vodicka. "A decent person is both a celebration of ordinary life of each of us, and also led engagingly philosophical reflections of a man who was born biologically as multiplicity," said Vodicka.

The main role bilancujícího railroaders will introduce Miroslav Hruska, who like once Capek decency in the world today are missing: "I find a piece of luck that there Mr. Capek deals grace, normal, completely normal grace, because she is scarce, and for I'm very thankful that I can touch such things even today, full of experiments. I do not think it pejoratively, but when the animal suddenly appears such a thing, just the life of the "common man" as he wrote Mr. Capek, it's beautiful! "

Keyword female characters - a mother, a wife of the main character and other figures - plays Bohdan Pavlikova. "Each of us is mixed from different characteristics, both good and bad. Gradually it shows that one is never clear. That it hides various other faces and personalities that may or may not get the opportunity. It is necessary to when ... Personally me most about addressing it as work continues to live even after the author's death, and how much of it proved to be a sensitive and always kind analysis of the soul of modern man and society, "says the actress, who is known outside others from the TV screen (TV series Doc Martin, tantrum, Street d).

The production also act hurried Marek, Petr Buchta and Anna Glässnerová alternating with Martina short.

As recalled by the artistic director of the theater Švandovo Dodo Gombár, decent man is the second part of the cycle Intimacy, Anonymity, Aggression - Copyright trilogy of games on three topics, which is today exposed as a person as an individual confronting the whole society. "Intimacy examined the text of the contemporary British playwright Caryl Churchill, who had called It's premiere in October 2016, directed by Victoria Čermákové. Title dedicated aggression directed viewers will see women's tandem Elizabeth Burianová - Tereza Říhová in April 2017, "said Dodo Gombár.

Capek still inspires

The work of Karel Capek, giant Czech literature and seven-time candidate for the Nobel Prize, it still attracts new treatment. Švandovo theater took his text most recently in 2013, when there was premiered Krakatit: Čapkova game by famous utopian novel the first time in the form of dramatic performance director Daniel Hrbek said. Ordinary life is also in the form of games end up being decent man in Švandovo theater world theatrical premiere.

The novel Hordubal was compared to that portrayed several times. Besides the aforementioned adaptation JA Pitínský in the Theatre Husa him twice reached for the filmmakers - in 1937 Hordubaly film director Martin Fric, in 1980 he tried and director Jaroslav package. Films made by famous Čapek's works should also extend to War with the Newts, by 2017, going to the cinema director Tomas Krejci.

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