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Blue blood. How to live young generation of Czech nobility?

Peerages were officially abolished with the creation of independent Czechoslovakia. Dozens of members of the aristocracy who live with us, with them, but fortunately disappeared. The history of their families is an important part of the history of our country and their property belong to the treasury of Czech cultural heritage. As the current generation lives Czech nobility, reveals a new documentary series Blue Blood.

World Czech nobility viewers through Count Frantisek Kinsky. The first meeting will be with the family of Kolowrat, precisely at 21.35 pm today. CT2.

"I felt a debt that must be repaid. I realized how wrong they had our aristocrats who remained in the country endured during totality. And I do not understand, why did almost always silent, "says the author of the project and director Alena Činčerová. "The aristocracy among all developed countries among the nation's elite. For us it does not yet - and this is to the detriment of us all, "says Creative Producer Lenka Poláková and adds:" The narrative of contemporary representatives of the most important genera fascinates me their enormous humility, consciousness, traditions and values, responsibility for entrusted the family property and pervasive refinement. So precisely those values which in these turbulent times and consumerist much lacking. "

It was the family of aristocrats, making it often survived what is called cultural heritage. And it's not only locks and other material goods. Descendants of nobles they carry and the fates of bitter decades. In totalitarian times, had their names disappear from Czech memory. Fortunately failed and noble genes, as so often before, stood in heavy tests. Today the descendants of aristocrats life back to where he disappear forever.

Guided by Count Frantisek Kinsky, viewers appreciate the gates památečných settlements. Frantisek Kinsky will represent various aristocrats will unravel family ties, listen to incredible life stories, stories of ancient and recent history, but also about the present, which is almost unknown. The emphasis is on the youngest generation. Many of this generation had grown up in exile, often not much idea how diverse the history of the land of their ancestors. After the Velvet Revolution came here, usually with their parents, they took over the family heritage and today it manages. The audience, in addition Kolowrat family, officials familiar with the current Schwarzenberg Sternberg, Lobkowicz, Nostitz, Colloredo, Kinsky and Czernin, which are the first records date back to the year 1115 and among their forebears include Charles IV himself. In the long genealogy to find Přemyslids Jagiellons, Luxemburgs and the Hapsburgs.

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Tz Author: Elizabeth Plívová, spokesperson CT

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