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Dependence on drugs often notice the surroundings. What will tell?

Like any other medicines, including pills relieving anxiety, pain relieving or sleep aids doctors prescribe us in good faith. However, if you do not follow their recommendations, we use more drugs or abusing it for other than its original purpose, getting on thin ice dreaded addiction.

risky drugs

Not all medications have the potential for addiction . The most risky in this regard:
opioid analgesics (strong painkillers)
Benzodiazepines (soothing drugs and medications to facilitate sleep)
stimulants (used in the treatment of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder).

warning signals

Overuse or even drug addiction can remain hidden for a long time. Doctor who prescribes medication, they can highlight the problem of frequent visits of that, excuses for lost or stolen prescription or obvious urgency for prescribing large quantities or strength of the drug. Surroundings often observed changes in behavior and moods dependent. It stops taking the drug control needs him more often, at higher doses and in new situations. Although a cure for sleeping in the beginning enjoyed only occasionally, when he could not sleep for a long time, now it swallows regularly before going to bed and deal with him even a minor disturbance during the day.

The body language

Medication Overuse can sense even by physical symptoms, which may be accompanied. A person under the influence of large quantities of sedatives, for example, is languid and slow, slurred his speech until incomprehensible, pupils constricted. Conversely, a person abusing stimulants can be remarkably energetic, edgy, wordy, with less need for sleep and meals and tends pupils dilated.

Drug addiction is a serious problem that affects all dimensions of life concerned. Intervenes in labor, family, friendships and intimate relationships. It therefore needs to be solved as soon as possible, with experts who are currently dealing with addictions.

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