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Fresh snow and frost allow conservationists to count otters in the Eagle Mountains

Otter is our largest predator living in rivers and ponds. This winter of snow and rigid frosts allow conservationists to count how many otters live in the Eagle Mountains. Six adults and two young animals is a result that shows that the population of otters in the PLA Eagle mountains is stable and the number corresponds to the carrying capacity of the environment. Inform the organization ALKA Wildlife.

"Otter is our original beast that our country was nearly wiped out. Returning began in the 90s of the 20th century. Today it is a protected species, "says Jitka Větrovcová of the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape (ANCLP). From 2009 to protect otters roofed national Management Programme, which also includes measures aimed at monitoring the status of the population.

One method of monitoring the population of otters is tracking animals in the fresh snow. It will allow not only confirm the presence, but rather to determine exactly how many animals live in a certain area. "For tracking is needed to fulfill several conditions. Must challenge the fresh snow that you can see traces of one night, which will recognize individual Stopnete track and thus to distinguish each individual, "says Catherine Poledníková, a zoologist from ALKA Wildlife." It must be largely frozen streams to otter climbed out of the water on snow or ice and the track did. and then we have to coordinate several experts who know the track, so all went on the same day and traces counted. "

This year's severe winter after years of conservationists enable such clocking organize. In cooperation with the ANCLP, the Administration of protected landscape area of ​​Eagle Mountain was done tracking throughout the Eagle Mountains.

The event was attended by 15 experts who reviewed all the waterways and areas to the protected area. "We found that in the protected area there are six adult animals. Of these, one year old female with two cubs that it even now in winter accompanies, "reveals the outcome Catherine Poledníková.

Zoologist ANCLP Vaclav Pavel adds that the numbers of otters appear to be stable in the Eagle Mountains. "Common hitchhiking we managed to organize in 2013, and the result was comparable time - seven adults and three babies. Periodically I find otters on the Wild Orlice, which constitutes the center of occurrence in Eagle Mountain, "says Vaclav Pavel.

"The number of detected otters corresponds densities of otters in an environment of mountain trout streams. Otters are territorial animals, each individual can guard his home district, "says
Catherine Poledníková. In mountain areas, the numbers of otters in the range of 3-4 adult animals per 100 km2. Protected Landscape Area is 204 km2.


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