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Czech is a supermarket superpower but small shops are on the rise

Of all domestic food outlets representing more than 70% of the chains with an area greater than 400 square meters. Housed in our nearly 1,334 supermarkets and 318 hypermarkets. This is a rarity in comparison with other countries, where they make up half the shops. Yet even among Czechs returned trend procuring food in small local stores, which is buying time, quality and cost-effectiveness.

Last year, people could buy in the Czech Republic food and groceries in a total of 15,294 stores. Among those dominated by small shops with a sales area of ​​50 square meters, which is inland about 6 620. Last year also grew shops with an area of ​​51 to 100 meters square, which is now about 4 680. In our area we find 1,830 stores with sales flat 101-200 meters square and approximately 520 stores with an area of ​​201 to 400 meters square. This stems from the statistics research agency Nielsen. "Although the number of retailers in the Czech Republic several times higher than the number of large retail chains, they represent more than 70% of opportunities, where to buy food and groceries. This is the highest density in comparison with other European countries, if we take into account that, for example in Poland, supermarkets ratio was about 20% in other European countries up to 50%, "said Roman Mazak associations of wholesalers and retail units CBA CZ

The Czechs are asking for more information about what to buy

Despite this trend, however, the density is to take food and non-food goods in small shops on the rise. According to experts, because there are several reasons why people are increasingly moving away from visiting supermarkets. Plays an important role as the price, which is at an average purchase small shop significantly lower than in the supermarket. Small businesses also guarantees time savings when shopping, because customers do not have to wait in long queues. Finally, there are also important fresh food, ie fruit and vegetables, meat or bread. "The change in shopping behavior among Czechs also affects the interest of a healthy lifestyle and information about what they buy. Increasingly demand foods of premium quality, freshness and often local assortment of local farms and farmers, which by its construction, the big chains can not provide, "explained Roman Mazak.

According to the survey, is also changing the structure of small shops. While the stores served over the counter they are on the decline, while a growing number of self-service stores, which is attractive to customers the way we shop. Among the small shops popularity keeps even specialty stores that offer a wider range of goods and better customer care. Preference is also a position where the smaller stores often located in city centers and districts, while shopping in supermarkets, people must commute to edge cities, usually several kilometers away. Unlike large chains are small stores also greater application in the country. Despite the fact that the operation of shops in a village with a population in 1000 is a loss and stores are due to conclude they must grow up in municipalities with over 1,000 inhabitants of new retail stores. This is thanks to retailers and associations, which act on the support of municipalities, or counties.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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