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Cigarette smoking is harmful. And what a hookah?

Cigarette smoking damages health and can even kill. It is a known fact. Sheesha as any other form of tobacco consumption, especially popular with young people. They are doing well? Is this kind of tobacco use gentler on health?

Hookah come from Asia and the Middle East. It is mainly popular in the Indian subcontinent and the Far East. In Europe and other western world has spread only in the 90s of the last century.

Hookah used for burning tobacco . Into tobacco typically are added various flavors, for example honey, licorice, mint or fruit syrup.
Flavoured inhaling smoke through a long tube.
Smoking hookah is usually understood as a social event. Friends or acquaintances to meet him as a ritual.

As well as poisonous cigarette

The hookah is often spoken of as a safe alternative to cigarettes. This is not a complete mistake. The water can not filter out harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke. In fact, in the smoke from a water pipe is the same, or even greater amounts of toxic gases and substances such as carbon monoxide, nicotine , tar or heavy metals. Smoking hookah therefore has the same health impact as smoking cigarettes.

A long list of risks

Smoking hookah:
increases the risk of cancer, particularly lung cancer ,
adversely affects the heart , because the disease causes the arteries supplying the heart muscle with oxygen and nutrients,
undesirably increases heart rate and blood pressure,
damages the respiratory system so that it can develop emphysema or persistent bronchitis,
increases the risk of bone loss,
contribute to gum disease and tooth,
Pregnancy causes all sorts of complications. Newborns may have a lower birth weight or problems with postpartum adaptation to the new environment,
increases the likelihood of transmission of infectious diseases in the ritual transfer of the pipe smokers.

Shisha smoking is not a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes and tends to have the same health effects. And like cigarettes when it threatens to damage the health of the so-called. Passive smokers.

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