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The Gallery Villa Pellé exposes Milan Cais of Tata Bojs

The Gallery Villa Pellé exposes Milan Cais of Tata Bojs January 27 began in Gallery Villa Pellé exhibition of sculptor and multimedia artist, drummer and founding member of the Tata Bojs Milan Cais, which comes after more than five years with a solo exhibition.

Purely art project called The doors inside the gallery is on display March 26. Cais here perceives door at the symbolic level as a sign of life choices, when in its new buildings and drawings dealing with the depth of his feelings of joy and sadness after wrestling with his own ego.

"The door is something that separates the two spaces. They can hide secrets of surprise. And for me a very strong symbol decisions. In everyday trifles even in the fatal moments, which in turn shape irreversibly our lives, "said
the theme of the exhibition Milan Cais and adds:" Anyone with that continually meet and to me this moment of great interest: You turned the knob and enter the area, which still you do not know. "

Doors inside the exhibition, which will include a varied accompanying program with creative workshops for children and guided tours with the author will take place in Dejvické Gallery Villa Pellé in Pelléova 10 from 27 January to 26 March 2017. The exhibition will also feature Milan Cais with " native "Tata Bojs.

Besides the creation of three-dimensional Milan Cais also prepared a series of abstract watercolors and exceptional installation itself will show that counts of violations of the static nature of the exposure. He works with light, projections and with the active participation of the audience.
The material for the exhibition originated inside the door for about two years and is a personal testimony and the author's inner world. Milan Cais also grasped this simple, even banal for many a symbol, in a broader context. Expression means choosing minimalist works with color contrasts. We can find themes of life divides, general theme of faith and the author's typical playfulness and humor.

Guided tours of the exhibition with Milan Cais:
16. 3. 2nd and 9th from 18 hours
Workshops for children with artist: 26. 2. and 12. 3. from 15 hours
Tata Bojs in the garden: 26. 3. from 20 hours
Festive Pop (Milan Cais, Petr Nikl, Ondřej Hradil Smeykal and George), performance concert: 16. 2. from 19 pm

Milan Cais (1974)

Visual artist and musician graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1999, he studied at the studios of Sculpture II. prof. Hugo Demartini and Henry Zeithammel and in the studio of visual communication under Jiří David. The breadth of his talent applied in the visual arts, music, stage design, performance and illustration. He participated in many group exhibitions at home and abroad, and his work is represented in several private and public collections. In 1988 he co-founded the group Tata Bojs, which still works as a composer, singer, drummer, composer, lyricist producer. He created among other music for several theater performances and a feature film. Together with artists and musicians Petr Nikl, Andrew Smeykal and George Hradil since 2005 in a "festive" prominent musical-performative group Festive Pop. He lives and works in Prague.

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