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Seven tips to not hurt the joints in winter

People with diseased joints almost do not need a weather forecast. His change them, "he says" sore knee, shoulder, hip, spine and small joints of the fingers. In winter, while the pain becomes almost unbearable. We advise you how to outwit her.

Fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, which prevent temperature changes have on patients with rheumatoid arthritis really influence. But why on cold days joints ache more? It doctors do not know exactly. The truth is that many people complain about worsening difficulties.

Experts believe that rather than freeze affects us cloudy sky. The winter season is linked to lack of sunlight, getting up early in the dark, gloomy. Bad weather has on the psyche, so that joint pain can be perceived more painful. Moreover, the people in the winter does not want to practice. Lack of exercise and worsens the condition of the musculoskeletal system.

Seven tips that really work

If your problem with the arrival of winter worsened help with our tips.
Practice. Avoid, however, the strengthening of heavy loads. Focus more on light stretching in yoga should be.
Try water sports. Ideal swimming or water aerobics. Hydrobiking or bike riding stable located in the pool with us is not very popular because it puts high demands on space and equipment to exercise. But it's a shame.
Get plenty of sleep. It may sound surprising, but sleep and pain are closely related. Research has clearly shown that fatigue and lack of sleep worse mood and pain perception. If you are plagued trouble sleeping, do not be afraid to entrust the physician.
Keep stress under control. You can try different relaxation techniques, meditation or yoga have said. When you combine yoga in addition with pleasure - you clean your head and stretch your entire body.
Warm up. The warming of painful joints, you can use heating patches, pads or hot bath.
Relax. Feel your body signals. Are you overworked? So apply the brakes.
Dress warmly. Layers of clothing along the lines of athletes to neprochladli. The first layer keeps heat and sweat, so it is called functional. It consists of a tight-fitting long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck slim. As a second layer, choose a sweater or sweatshirt. Only for the coming winter coat or jacket in warm optimal length below the knee. Your frozen can be added between the first and second layer, for example, even a flannel shirt.

Source: Rheumatic

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