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Comedy Who's the director? celebrates in Švandovo theater world record - 300 performances!

She shatters reprise celebrate the Švanda Theatre on February 3 Nordic comedy The Boss ?, with Michael Long and Kamil Halbichem in the lead roles. Game directed by Daniel Hrbek and world record: according to the agency Aura-Pont many performances of this title from happening to any other theater in the world.

Theatrical transcript of the film by Lars von Trier is one of the most successful titles Švandovo theater. Since its premiere in 2009, it was seen only in Prague nearly 80,000 spectators and more on theater tours throughout the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Few theatrical adaptation of the famous movie can overcome the popularity of the original: here but it did. On the "director" walks the viewers repeatedly and many of them have not even know the original film. "The credit for the success of productions are mainly actors headed by Michael Long, Kamil Halbichem and other great people who their characters are playing with really extraordinary involvement - in the eight years they took turns in various alternate in more than twenty," says Švandovo theater and production director Daniel Hrbek.

Nativity in labor

But the director himself premiered his work seen. "Right out of the theater that evening, I drove a woman to a hospital, then returned bow for a curtain and then called me from the hospital, whether I get there, that it's getting. For some eight hours at six-thirty in the morning, came into the world, Rose figured. February 3, 2017 it will have 300 performances, "recalls Hrbek, whose little daughter became patron of the show. "It's proof that even this show originated in labor," adds Michael Long. In the role of an unknown, but it ješitnějšího actor Kristoffer hesitate superbly tightened even from himself and from his acting profession.

Michael Long also saw the first release of the game several major life events. "In the nearly eight years I have lost my brother and then my father well. But conversely, I managed to sire another beautiful little girl in my golden harem. Finally, we managed to inform our beloved colleague and my great friend Kamila Halbichů! I even had the honor to be a witness at his wedding and also the director of photography - we were there at that time had only four, "says Michael Long. Which Kamil Halbich like confirms: "Prime Minister, I have rehearsed a single boy, during reruns, I could marry and sire a wonderful son - and I know that I did well!"

Commemorative photo of the white-red

It demonstrates the viability of staging the best but the fact that it is almost always sold out. This also applies its 300th reprise that viewers also offers a special gift: who comes to the theater in a stylish white and red clothes inspired poster production (men with red tie, and women dressed in white with red accents) may attend the final shooting all actors.
Still fresh comedy about the director, whose never seen before and which zkoprnělými employees suddenly appear in an unexpected submission, they want u ŠVANDA indicate continued.

Did you know ...?

In von Trier 's film actor Kristoffer a real company director Ravn secretly meet in a zoo and a play should initially meet in the sauna. After the fall Kamila Halbicha from the stage during rehearsals, however, it was the site of the meeting is changed to the cemetery.

Many of the gags devised for testing Michael Long, who excels in a ready sense of humor and a game staged their favorite slogan "Everybody forums good."

Those interested in buying the company, menacing Finnur performed nearly six-foot Alexei Lips, really speaks Icelandic: Lips with replicas helped interpreter Marta Bartošková. Finnur alternates Dušan Sitek, who mastered this difficult speech through the same role in a production of the Municipal Theatre in Zlín.

King slip in this production is clearly Jaroslav Smid. Stand his monologue at the end of the performance the actor and his colleagues rarely succeed: Jaroslav mostly decomposed as spectators.

Part of the costume Michael Long is the tango, with whom happen wild love scene. In the eight years since the premiere of his costume he had apparently only the second take. "It is obvious that this cut underwear withstand a lot. Apparently it's the minimal friction, "says an actor who - unlike unappreciated Kristoffer - does not hesitate to make fun on their own account.

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