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USA: Completion of the suspended dakotského pipeline is likely to continue

Today, former US President Barack Obama suspended the intention of the completion of the pipeline Dakota Access Pipeline (DAL-P) through Indian territory. But as the news site informs NBC, construction of the pipeline is likely to ultimately receive the necessary permits to final implementation. The source of this information is severodakotská senator for the Democratic Party Heidi Heitkampová. The whole affair is said to have been informed by the US Congress, but the official statement has yet been issued. The Indians are building disagrees.

"For months, they were residents of North Dakota divided reciprocal attitude toward the pipeline," said Heitkampová. "But now we know that the building will continue." Unmistakable signal is apparently the fact that the current leadership of architectural division of the Army Corps instructed its engineers to prepare documents for the so-called. Easment, which is the legislative equivalent of our Czech easement. As a legal tool can serve easment permission to use a specific method or trespass. This method does not relieve the original owner's property rights to land, but (if we were to place their interpretation Czech) saves him a burden that must endure. As an example, high-voltage lines, stretching over your land. Your right to farm the land technically unaffected, but there may not grow as tall trees that protrude into the lead. A similar legislation should probably be used even if the critical point of the pipeline DAL-P.

Source unspecific instructions for completion comes from the White House. US President Donald Trump, although not mandate entrusted building department of the Army Corps of Engineers immediate completion, but requested to investigate the possibility of accelerating implementation. Concern not only DAL-P, which last year agitated throughout the United States, but also for the environment more serious Keystone XL pipeline that would bring oil from Canada to Nebraska. And, of course, that Trump demand for "removing legal barriers" is probably rightly interpreted as a stage prior to the close follow-commencement of construction work. Architectural Division of the Army Corps and with the support of the presidential office are likely to outweigh the duty of the so-called. Study on the impact of the project on the environment (Environmental Impact Study, EIS), which had imposed a forerunner of Obama's administration Trump.

EIS, whose creation, given the complexity and scale of the project DAL-P lasted for months while it investigated and easygoing alternative pipeline route. That the EIS during the current solution completely disregarded, fears and Dave Archambault II., Leader of the protesting Indians at the Standing Rock reservation. Especially with him while touching that the unexplained and arbitrary change in the original plan was just a simple substitution of the first man in the country's leadership. "We have still prepared to fight a purely corporate interests issued under the Government's efforts on health and well-being of millions of Americans," says White House. Against potential legislative removal of soil or easmentu is going along with the whole tribe to defend in court. Its outcome is yet uncertain.

That surely has Kelco Warren, šéfmanažer company Energy Transfer Partners, operator of the pipeline. In an interview with NBC News he said that he is absolutely sure that the presidential administration has finally DAL-P project approved. "From the pipeline with a length of 1886 km is 84% ​​complete, and work on the moon stopped only for 300 meters," he adds.

In response to the instruction of US President Donald Trump to "removing legislative barriers" braking completion of the pipeline DAL-P compiled by the New York Times list of conflict zones over its entire length. 1886 overcomes long pipeline hundreds of waterways, but some sections are risky.

In 22 cases, the recessed and therefore leads beneath them. Now the first point of conflict is an area that was in 1851 called Moore a. Treaty of Fort Laramie Sioux to them was later confiscated. Just a piece here should lead alternative route, which, however, could jeopardize water supplies for the city of Bismarck. Therefore, maintaining the original plan, which would have led the three-kilometer stretch of oil in sight borders Indian reservation at Standing Rock. The relocation (and extending the length of pipeline about two miles) to the south was also, at the James River. People are worried about pollution of the three downstream water resources. In the city of Sioux Falls were also required to dig into the plans. DAL-P there would in fact lead over unpaved landfills. Among iowskými in Rocky River and Mount Sterling leads through the pipeline plots belonging to two hundred owners. Seventeen of them today, after its completion, the state of Iowa judges.

Author: Radomír Dohnal

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