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Travel Hits 2017

You gave you more resolutions this year to travel, but classic holiday destination you do not attract too much? Then check out the list of the five most interesting countries by 2017, which also recommends recognized worldwide traveler portal Lonely Planet. You can visit to America, Asia, Europe and the distant Caribbean.

The smell of coffee and pleasant spring temperatures to enjoy in Colombia

Latin American Colombia will attract you with its diversity. In a vast country offers everything from sandy beaches to historic center to the high mountains. Compared to North and Central America are in addition there are favorable prices. Travel to Colombia, it is necessary to prepare in time. "If tourists want to stay longer in the country than 90 days, they will not need a visa. However, they must present a passport valid for at least 6 months. The official may also require the submission of a return ticket or prove that the tourist has enough funds to stay in the country, "says Michal Tuma (Invia).

Tourist destinations Colombia offers a wide range. Worth a visit is the city of Medellin, which is considered one of the most progressive cities in the world. You can complete outing modern cable car, which offers scenic views over the city. Interesting also is that climate is all year almost unchanged. In the city of eternal spring, as the locals call it, so you expect pleasant temperatures of around 20 ° C. Nature lovers would not miss a visit to the National Park Cocuy in the western part of the country. Colombia to the atmosphere inherently coffee. Here you can taste and buy cheaply in Eje Cafetero, known as the "coffee axis", which is just a few hours west of the capital Bogota.

The island of Dominica volcanic origin can not deny

In the event that you are looking for your holiday exotic paradise, but crowded beaches you not attracted to traditional destinations, is for you to small Caribbean island of Dominica perfect choice. Unlike other Caribbean islands here in the meantime crowds of tourists do not go, Dominica and offers peace of mind to relax, meditate, but also water fun. Proclaimed as the beach Champagne, which is a perfect place for snorkeling. Thanks to the volcanic origin are additionally sea constantly bubbled gently and suggests, according to what the drink is named after the beach.
But Dominica is also an excellent destination for adventurers and enthusiastic tourists. You can go to walk through the rainforest and explore local waterfalls. Demanding a few hours, then climb to the lake Boiling Lake. That is, like the entire island of volcanic origin. The entire expanse of water constantly seething, bubbling and produces a lot of steam.

Ethiopia inspire adventurers and history buffs

Adventure, knowledge of a foreign culture, but also the necessary comfort that you expect from a holiday, will give Ethiopia. "Airlines in 2017 strengthens connections to Ethiopia, traveling into the country is so much more convenient and faster. The flight from Prague may last only 12 hours. Also within the country can then easily use local short flyovers, "said Michal Tuma. Among the most popular tourist targets in the country belongs to the uppermost African Lake Tana or the world famous Blue Nile falls. Lovers of ancient architectural complex attracts six castles of Gondar and Lalibela rock city in the 12th century. The Ethiopian national parks, which include parks Omo, Mago and Bale Mountains, then you can organize hikes or take a ride on the elephants.

Finland offers activities in both summer and winter

Even within Europe, however, it is not about travel experiences distress. Worth a visit, as Finland. In a country of thousands of lakes and vast forests for more than thirty national parks. The National Park Linnansaari example, you can encounter rare seal in the park Kolovesi again see a few thousand years old rock paintings. Exploring wildlife then set off to Lapland in the winter you can watch the aurora borealis, or ride a dogsled, in summer use one of the many hiking trails.
Worth a visit but definitely worth even the capital of Finland - Helsinki. In the city center you come across many interesting sights in the lead with the Helsinki Cathedral and Temppeliaukio church, which is built into the rock. There are several museums, and visitors can also be a modern concert hall Finlandia Talo Finland, the opera or the Olympic stadium, where Emil Zatopek won three gold medals. Helsinki is a gem after Suomenlinna, one of the largest sea fortresses in the world, which is registered on the UNESCO list.

Oman is gaining in popularity

Oman is already in last year's Holiday season became one of the new hits of domestic travel agencies. Still, he need not worry about that here you will squeeze in crowds of tourists. Conversely, Oman you in comparison with the Arab giant, the United Arab Emirates, inspires its modesty. Still, however, it offers everything necessary for a full vacation. So you can visit the famous markets with spices, perfumes and jewelry or taste fresh dates, meat specialties and popular camel milk. In Oman, you can also find many rare historical monuments, some of which are included on the UNESCO list. For example, is worth a visit archaeological sites of Bat, Al-Khutm, Al-Ayn or Bahla fort. Complementing many picturesque oases, mountains towering over the coastline and clean sandy beaches.

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