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Tommy Emmanuel guitar wizards and Adam Rafferty will meet in Rudolfinum

At the invitation of the organizers of the Festival Guitar Across Styles returning to Prague darling of the audience, virtuoso guitarist, complex musician and an excellent entertainer Tommy Emmanuel. On April 9 this charismatic Australian invited to the Rudolfinum equally clever fellow, American guitarist Adam Rafferty.

"I am very pleased that we managed to arrange for a concert of Tommy Emmanuel and a great partner like Adam Rafferty. Their musical encounters are frequent and firmly believe that conquers our audience, "says festival director Guitar Across Styles Stanislav Barek. Both guitar masters will perform solo, but the visitors Rudolfinum obviously help congenial and creative interplay.

Tommy Emmanuel confirms its position as an empathetic master acoustic guitar and one of the most popular solo artists hundred concerts a year. Additionally, in February this year released DVD Music Gone Public, which contains a number of previously unreleased recordings and collaborations with other artists. Harlem native Adam Rafferty since 1993, established himself on the New York jazz scene as a good jazz player, meeting with Tommy Emmanuel in 2007, he changed the perception of the music and brought it to the style of "fingerpicking" the great guru is just Tommy. Both today represent the absolute top of this style, on the basis of a creative musician can create stunning palette of tone colors and harmonies, which sometimes give listeners forget the fact that it is facing only one player with a guitar.

Tommy Emmanuel concert and Adam Rafferty will Rudolfinum in Prague on Sunday 9 April at 19.30 hours.

Tommy Emmanuel received his first guitar at age four, playing her had taught him by his mother. He quickly learned by ear, he did not receive any formal lessons, still unable notes. When the father recognized talent with Tommy and his brother Phil, he founded the family band, which traveled across Australia. Later he studied and perfected a unique style of play called fingerpicking, working with percussive playing all fingers usually in combination with a pick. Over time, it led to an unprecedented perfection, which still takes your breath away: Tommy fingers creates an ingenious play of the illusion that the stage must be hidden somewhere backing band, and it is not possible to do the smiling Australian, standing confidently on stage, he managed to keep everything himself.

Guitarist, composer and arranger Adam Rafferty was born and raised in New York in Harlem. At six, she began learning guitar at a significant guitarist Woody Mann, with whom learned the basics of fingerpicking and blues. He studied the records of games Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Blake and others, according to which the learned other techniques and penetrated into other genres of music. He has gone through many phases of development from rock to classical music to jazz. Later he was very influenced by the music of Tommy Emmanuel, a spreading guitar enriched by beatbox. Currently he spends most of his time traveling, concerts and lead workshops. He has played in Bangkok, Thailand, USA, Germany, Italy, Austria, Scotland, Bermuda, Singapore, Malaysia, and also for us. He has published several instructional DVD with songs by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and lessons for jazz guitar. His recordings have viewed on YouTube more than 10 million people. Adam confirms at every concert or a lesson that his greatest passions is to play people and teach music.

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