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Sauna and massage - luxurious relaxation or a danger?

For a healthy person can be a sauna or massage even everyday affairs. Diabetics should but should be careful. Why?

For diabetics, especially those who are treated with insulin represent a sauna and a steam bath unnecessary risk. Stay in the sauna can cause:
perspiration, leading to dehydration, decreased blood volume and, consequently, to the rise of blood sugar,
increasing levels of the hormone glucagon, growth hormone, which have the opposite effect of insulin (increased blood sugar)
release of small blood vessels throughout the body, thereby to alter the usual way kolování insulin in the body. Following unpredictable fluctuations of its level and consequently fluctuations in the level of sugar,
irritation of the skin , which in diabetics is very sensitive and vulnerable. This may result in the formation of skin disease or chronic wounds.

It is necessary to think of it that diabetics often suffer from cardio-vascular diseases. They are utterly incompatible with the sauna. Visiting public saunas and showers in addition carries a risk of infection and other skin fungal infections that complicate treatment of diabetes uncomfortable.

Massage, yes, but with caution

Massage usually does for diabetics big risk. From time to time they can indulge. Why it is good to remember?
Besides the pleasant release brings this kind of relaxation to relieve the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy (nerve disease). But beware - if it affects the nerves that manifests as numbness in some parts of the body, it may not be pleasant massage.
The effect of insulin massage increases. This applies to both the insulin produced by your own body, and supplied from the outside. But ... Too enhanced effect threatening diabetic hypoglycemia. It is important to warn the masseur to diabetes , as well as on the skin or other problems. And you think of massage in advance. Do not poke your insulin into place that will be massaged, because massage accelerates its release into the body.
When you are sure that your massage will do well rather not take chances. When circulatory problems, problems with heart or insufficiently treated diabetes, it is better to forgive her.

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