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8 tips to sweeten children vaccination

Vaccination protects children against dangerous infections. Often, but not without crying. Fortunately, there are ways to relieve pain in children, or rather the fear of it, which often is a bigger problem.

Vaccination in fact too painful. The reason for crying is more likely to be afraid of needles that have children associated with pain . Our tips will help you and your descendants survive vaccination without discomfort and stress. As parents, you will have a clear conscience that you kids do best.

Entertain is the first

Parental time-tested trick also applies to the vaccination. The slightest distraction counts. They work like new toys, showing pictures on the walls, giving a decree poems or whatever, what in other situations just like to enjoy your baby.

2. Let's cough

The trick with coughing applies to older children. A study in 2010 showed that one cough before injection and another in its application helped alleviate reactions to pain in children aged 4-5 years. The same results were seen in children 11-12letých.

3. Fit a sweet tooth

Analyses show that drinking a sugary solution positively affects the behavior of children aged 1-12 months during the vaccination. Thirteen of the fourteen children that before vaccination drank sugary solution, cried during "pigáru" and after less than those who drank only water or drunk anything.

4. Release fairy

Children feel less stressed when they can watch fairy tales during vaccination. As already mentioned, any distraction can be beneficial - animated tale extra child is guaranteed to catch the eye thanks to strong colors and popular postavičkám. If the doctor is not in the office television, ask if you could bring a DVD player or tablet.

5. Try numbing cream

Numbing creams containing local anesthetics are another way to sweeten the children vaccinations. These creams block the neurotransmission of pain sensations to the brain . Some of anesthetic cream can be freely purchased in pharmacies. They applied for about an hour before vaccination. But take care not to be suitable for children, and to be sure about their use consult your doctor.

6th Give them a pacifier

If the child is accustomed to the pacifier can calm him during vaccination; He confirmed that even professional studies. The effect is enhanced by dipping the pacifier in a sweet drink or jelly. The principle is again redirect the child's attention on the perception of pain pleasurable stimulus. After vaccination can shorten the time crying and breastfeeding.

7. doctor consider the order of vaccines

Something as simple as a mere change in the order of the vaccination can have a big influence pain perception. A 2009 study shows that children cried less when they were first injection of a combined vaccine against diphtheria, polio, tetanus, whooping cough and haemophilus infection, and only after the conjugate vaccine against pneumococcal infection. Children who were vaccinated in this scheme, showed less painful reactions than those who were given the vaccine in reverse order.

8th Stay calm

When reporting the child to go to the vaccination, clearly explain to him why the vaccine needs and should get. Be uncompromising, but not stress the child unnecessarily. If you are still talking about the vaccination and the child still reminding do more harm than good. Remember that vaccination is not the child's choice. The decisive word should have a doctor. You, as a parent, you should cooperate with him, among other things, on the fact that the child was calm and vaccinations went smoothly.

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