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Interest in CNG vehicles grows

Interest on compressed natural gas (CNG) as an environmentally friendly fuel in the Czech Republic is growing. According to statistics from the Czech Gas Association last year increased on local roads, more than 3,500 cars to CNG and motorists can already refuel the fuel for almost 150 filling stations. More than 50% increase in sales to its CNG filling stations also reported E.ON.

Czech drivers increasingly believe natural gas (CNG). According to statistics from the Czech Gas Association last year had reached a consumption of compressed natural gas as a transportation fuel almost 60 million cubic meters. While yoy terms by more than 36% increase. E.ON, which the Czech Republic operates 19 CNG filling stations, recorded an annual increase of interest in this fuel by 53 percent. "Last year we opened another five new filling stations, most of which are open around the clock and motorists can pay them CNG cards and standard credit cards. This year we plan to expand the network of filling stations for the next four to six, "says Peter Gross (E.ON Energie).

The growth of interest in CNG is mainly due to favorable price. Indeed, if we consider only the price of the fuel itself, moving the cost of one kilometer around one crown. While a liter of gasoline costs about 30 crowns for an equivalent amount of gas - 1 m3 - Motorists will pay 17 to 18 crowns. A growing number of filling stations. The Czech Republic is currently operating 145 stations where drivers can refuel CNG. According to the Czech Gas Association they would have had their number in the next five years to double.

On Czech roads in 2016 added more than 3,500 CNG vehicles, the vast majority regards vehicles Skoda. Currently riding on Czech roads over 15,000 vehicles running on compressed natural gas, some of them are also public buses. Although CNG is still mainly the domain of corporate fleets, this economy cars are increasingly exploit and private motorists. They will have the possibility this year to demand increasingly used CNG vehicles that will be available at a lower price.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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