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Right on the slopes - which we are entitled to compensation?

Winter is still in full swing and many of us have managed to enjoy winter fun in the ski resorts. Skiing is popular, although sometimes dangerous sport. Accidents on the slopes, not isolated. Right therefore penetrates even on the snowy slopes more often.

If you buy a ticket and go through the turnstile, we become a party to the transport. Ensuring smooth and safe operation is primarily to operators. "He is responsible for the damage that happens during transport, regardless of whether or not it can or not. Cableway must meet a series of safety regulations, operators must be ready to help at any time and intervene, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. And he adds: "Even so be careful, obey the orders of service and follow the signs and pictograms. Inappropriate behavior skier can cause the expulsion of transportation, but also the reduction of compensation if something happened. "

But there are also difficult to predict things. A runaway trolley lift can injure someone on the anchor can damage clothes. If the damage originates in the nature of the operation of the cable car, we are entitled to compensation. Safety must be the onset of a cable car leaving the area. The courts deal with cases where little skier injured by a rope round due to insufficient operating instructions, or a case of fracture of lumbar vertebra skier who fell due zledovatělému output and insecurity around the station. "The courts usually conclude that if the skier does not violate transportation regulations or practices contrary to the instructions, then the operator is responsible for injury or gondola lift," says Luke Green.

If we get up successfully, we also down. From the perspective of Czech law does not apply on the slopes, no traffic regulations and the road down is not regulated by law. But there are rules of the International Ski Federation, which is to assess the correct drive used in the courts, even though they are not formally binding. In abroad, mainly in Germany and Austria, they are similar to the rules included local laws. Who travels regularly to the mountains, it will not be surprised, in fact combine safety, common sense and principles of decency.

On the slopes are common in some sources of hazardous situations that we have to count. Against conventional sources of risk may not be secured ski resort, and if we as a consequence, something happens, it's our problem, we had to be careful. Typical sources of danger on the other hand make skiing fun includes field edges and inequality, trees, rutted terrain, variable or restricted snow depth, information boards, snow banks from editing or covered in snow, borders the slopes or repair work.

In contrast, there is a list of atypical danger, which requires operators of ski resorts to ensure that skiers avoid possible conflict with them, and to reduce the risk of injuries and damage. Supports fixed ropes and snow guns should be secured mattresses and other obstacles fences, cliffs or dangerous slopes diverted networks. This does not mean, however, that in case of a faulty security at every accident the fault of the operator of the complex, and there is a particular skier who must adapt their driving terrain and your abilities. Operator errors and claims for compensation can reduce the contributory skiers who did not go as carefully as would be expected of him in general.

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