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Dengue fever threatens Bohemia! The number of infections is growing

High temperature with chills, rash, enlarged lymph nodes. So manifests viral disease known as dengue fever. Infection occurs in tropical and subtropical areas, ie in destinations where domestic tourists also recently often go on vacation.

Twice more infected

Last year, ill dengue fever more than 100 of our travelers. In 2015, while there were "only" 40 cases of infection by a viral illness. It is therefore a more than twofold increase in the number affected. The culprit is among other things, increasing the incidence of dengue in the tropics and subtropics. The virus is currently present in destinations where to go for the experience and the Czechs. Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America - everywhere tourists may encounter an unpleasant disease, which brings a number of health complications. According to experts, it is an even greater danger than Zika virus.

serious condition

What do we know about the dengue?
Source of infection consists person, carrier mosquitoes.
The incubation period is 4-7 days.
The disease affects mostly young people, including children.
Dengue occurs most often in two phases. For the first typical fevers, for the second characteristic rash, especially disabled hull.
Complications may be inflammation of the heart muscle or damage to the nervous system.
Severe cases present with hemorrhagic fever with bleeding disorders of the skin, often with abdominal and thoracic effusions. Add may be restlessness, vomiting and abdominal pain.
Severe form of the disease occurs mainly during repeated infections.

There is no solution yet

Treatment of dengue fever focuses on symptoms. In severe cases require hospitalization and intensive supportive therapy. At present, unfortunately, there is neither an effective vaccine, the only way of protection is to prevent mosquito sting. If you are interested in what protection is, read this article .

If you set out in the incidence of dengue fever, do not forget to take out travel insurance. The costs for treatment abroad because they can climb very high. Travel insurance will cover the extra costs involved in transporting the patient back to our country.

Source: Travel sickness. com

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