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Sick whale in her stomach 30 plastic bags

Scientists have found 30 plastic bags in the belly of a sick whale that had to be subsequently killed. Whale repeatedly sailed ashore near Bergen, Norway. Even though it has been tested several times in vain to get her back into deep water, three times returned. Due to illness and exhaustion had to be 6 m long whale killed. Inform the server NRK.

Scientists later autopsy. Animal's stomach was full to overflowing plastic. It contained about 30 plastic bags and a small piece of plastic. "It's very sad," says zoologist and professor Terje Lislevard from the University of Bergen. According to him, it was the first vorvaňovce zobatého, which was described in Norway. It is a cetacean species that prevails throughout the world, virtually all oceans and seas. It's not the first time that is registered in Norway. "I've certainly heard about the occurrence of this species in Norwegian waters, but probably it is the first Cuvier's beaked whale that stranded in this country," said Lislevard.

According to NRK the digestive tract of the whale completely emptied and everything indicates that the whale had pain. "No doubt about it. I dare not guess how long it took for stomach filled bags. In this case, the plastic material accumulates and forms a plug," he told NRK Lislevard.

Marine pollution is a growing problem. According to the United Nations in the oceans hiding up to 8,000,000 of plastic waste per year.

Fallen whale and plastic bags Bergen Museum keeps in the freezer. The skeleton will be part of a new exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Norway, which will be opened in the summer of 2019. All the bones must be cleaned and free of oil. Otherwise the exhibition oil dripping from the bones. Proof of this is the 150 year old skeleton of a whale, of which still drip oil.


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