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Infected with nail fungus can even through socks

Winter is the ideal period for the formation of fungus on the skin and nails of the foot. Moist closed shoes, tight socks, public saunas and swimming pools, where we spend our leisure time, but also carpet at the neighbors, we at Christmas visited, may give rise to fungal diseases. Fungal nail disease affects an estimated 25% of Czechs. Get tips as onychomycosis prevent or how she successfully get rid of.

Up to 90% of people do not seek a doctor

The feet is approximately 250,000 sweat glands. It naturally excreted a large amount of sweat, which the body removes harmful substances away. In winter, however, the combination of sweat and long wear warm, tight shoes can cause unpleasant infectious fungal disease. According to Czech industrial health insurance is the so-called onychomycosis roughly half of all health problems nails and skin of the feet, while 10% of all skin diseases. Although it is such a widespread nuisance, according to the insurance companies to 90% of patients do not seek medical help. And this despite the fact that the disease is highly contagious.

It is important to think about the hygiene

Onychomycosis cause parasitic fungi, yeasts and fungi. Claiming that the fungus can catch only public swimming pools, it is only partly true. The spread of infection also helps the modern way of life, when visiting public venues and saunas, and associated common locker rooms and showers. The fault is also wearing tight clothing and footwear, because in warm, humid environment fungus grows best. Lurk may even less usual places, like carpet or foreign borrowed shoes. In them may parasites survive even up to nine months and can humans become infected over the socks.

Basic prevention is to wear their own shoes, do not go barefoot in public wet areas, and if it can be concluded blanket foot replace open. "Of course, health and hygiene, when, for example, after visiting the pool or sauna wash your feet in a properly concentrated solution of potash. Suitable is also regularly treated with footwear spray containing antimycotic and feet take necessary once or twice daily formulations having antibacterial action. This is particularly important for anyone doing sports, visiting swimming pools, saunas and the like. Modern spray against mildew we currently are able to relieve the feeling of heavy legs and have aromatherapy and cooling effect, "says George Vykydal the company Odel Laboratories, which specializes in home and professional pedicure and soil science. Thinking is needed to disinfect laundry, especially socks, towels and sheets, which is good to wash at 60-90 ° C.

Sweetened drinks and white flour encourage the growth of mold

In the early stages of the disease on the skin of the feet or around the nail forms tiny itchy to reddish flakes or cracks, most commonly between the fourth and fifth finger, which can later be extended to other parts of legs and feet. Although it is a minor speeches at this stage is no longer needed to see a doctor. If you had a problem underestimate, the fungus grows into the nail where they multiply, causing the nails begin to peel, break, crumble, fall yellow discoloration and stratum corneum superfluous.

In more severe stages, where the problem associates such as bacterial infection, can lead to exudation, edema, and even inflammation and deformation of fingers and joints. This poses a risk especially for patients with diabetes and individuals older age. Infection is also closely linked with weakened immune systems, it is appropriate to begin to think about his support for a healthy lifestyle. In practice this means, for example, limit sugary drinks and foods containing white flour, because these kinds of food encourage the growth of yeasts and fungi. Suitable is also consume probiotics.

Help antibacterial creams and nail oil

The first path in order to get rid of nail fungal infection should lead to a specialist. Aid in treatment may be all kinds of antibacterial and emollient creams, sprays, gels, tinctures or powders. As a precaution nail mycosis function effectively, also a special nail oil from a combination of panthenol, bisabolol, clotrimazole and wheat germ oil, which in addition to antifungal effects also strengthen brittle nails and soften cuticles.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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