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Problems with a sore ear Deal immediately. Inflammation may endanger the hearing

Otitis media is for many parents a major deterrent. Comes suddenly and see a child abused severe pain is suffering. If similar experiences you want to avoid, let the child vaccinated. Maybe you will save future trouble hearing.

The pneumococcus is one of the most frequent bacterial causes of acute otitis media . This disease is the child rather unpleasant experience, and, moreover, can have lasting consequences. Otitis media because they can cause deafness and more.

The risk of recurrent inflammation

In the middle ear is called. Conduction system - bones called the hammer, anvil and stirrup. Under normal circumstances, are surrounded by air, the pressure in the inner ear equalized Eustachian tube. When inflammation is filled tympanic cavity fluid, vibration is not properly transmitted. The result is hearing loss, the intensity of the trouble is different. The child simply hears veiled or not. This type of hearing impairment is a transitional and temporary. But when inflammation repeat, can be hit a drum, transfer bones or inner ear, where sound is changed into nerve impulses. Such hearing loss may already be permanent.

Even temporary deafness harmful

Do you think that moment to hear quite so mind? It's not true. The problem is that middle ear infections are most common in preschool children. Hearing impairment and child suffer in periods when learning to talk and when it is for him to listen to the call of other crucial. When he hears no opportunity to learn to talk by listening area.

The ear is always to the doctor

Begins when a child is complaining of pain in the ear , or even hearing loss should consult a physician specialist. It is an outpatient ENT, or ear, nose and throat. If indeed threaten impaired hearing or impaired development of speech, sends you otorinolaryngolog still in audiology or clinical speech therapists. Audiological tests assess any degree of hearing damage, even in very small and uncooperative child. Then it may be determined whether there is a damage of the middle ear. The clinical speech pathologist assess the current language skills of the child and in case of a shortage of recommended solutions.

defense exists

Prior to repeated severe pneumococcal infections may your offspring to protect vaccinations. To him save unnecessary suffering, ask about the vaccine's office.

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