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How to teach kids to recycle? Contests and games at school but also at home

With the growing consumption of the company is also increasing the amount of waste we produce. Therefore, it is increasingly important to get acquainted with the importance of waste sorting and recycling as well as the youngest. According to experts, because attitudes and habits of correct ecological behavior create and sustain far better among younger.

What you learn in youth, when old find, says the well-known adage. The recycling It is true, of course. The sooner children encounter with him, the better environmental behavior and mentality acquire. Helping them in that they also have a variety of local projects that support environmental performance continually arise. "The Green School Project, which focuses on the collection of old electrical equipment including batteries in schools, is currently involved in more than 400 schools. We strive to introduce ecological behavior of the teacher, who then transferred their experience to children. Often then becomes that children from infancy learn just our parents, "said Principle Project Director of REMA David Vandrovec. During the last school year, participating schools have collected about 30 tons of old electrical equipment.

Competition in the collection of WEEE encourages kids

Now school children but need to sort motivate. Classic curt explanation that waste sorting is necessary because of the nature or the economy is mostly delivered. Therefore, it is necessary to think about how children make recycling fun. One option is for example to actively involve pupils and their class in professional competitions. Pupils then learn through experience based on which you will remember the most information. "One of the hottest events taking place within the Green School project competition is titled" EkoEDA ", which includes additional competition for the" oldest mobile ". The contest is looking for the oldest example, a mobile phone that can connect to our educational program and make up so appropriately, for example, general educational activities related to the environment in schools, "said Vandrovec.

Example, children must see at home

Sorting is of course not just electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. Younger children, especially from nurseries or first grade of primary school, they can turn the collected material to create different pieces, bags, ornaments and other things. Simple but effective entertainment suitable for household paint them with children on different recycling bins things that are thrown to them, or that there is not vice versa. Motivation can also be a competition to see who collects the largest amount of lids from plastic bottles. Children in kindergartens and primary schools to teach about recycling also play using the pairs and coloring. But not everything children learn in schools. The main thing is to see an ecological approach at home. If your child will learn from home habit that all waste indiscriminately ends in ordinary trash, recycle learns very difficult. Therefore, according to experts also important parental attitude.

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The Green School Project
The project aims to collect batteries and old electrical equipment in schools. Its goal is to educate students and provide educators with comprehensive information on the issue of recycling. The school, which is involved in the project, a collection and ecological processing of all electrical equipment and batteries free of charge. At the same time obtains the possibility of use when dealing with the public school logo Green, leaflets and posters to mark the collection point. At present, the project involves more than 350 schools across the Czech Republic.

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