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Prague Zoo: New baby velemyši Cloud is a European two hundred

Velemyši Cloud cub born on January 24 received in the stud book number 200. It is thus two-hundredth velemyš living on our continent since the launch of their breeding. It started in Europe in 2007 was the Prague Zoo, which also leads the herd book.

Family velemyší clouded visitors can see the pavilion Indonesian jungle. Their cute expression will appeal to even those who otherwise "mouse" does not need much.

Velemyši Cloud inhabit in the wild northern part of the Philippine island of Luzon, where they live in the forests of medium to higher altitudes. They are typical slow herbivores from the treetops, such a "mixture of Filipino and koalas big squirrels." Weight adult animal is about two kilograms.

Velemyši birth to one cub that is born furred and highly developed. Color resembles parents, but tends to be more contrasting than adults. Attached images alone baby are taken ten days after his birth and are quite rare. Velemyši cub in fact usually holds firmly přisáté his mother's teat and travels with her through the branches. Some females carry him so soon after giving birth, some two to three days. Only rarely leaves the cub's mother while unsupervised.

Total sixteenth reared chick velemyši Cloud Prague Zoo visitors can see the pavilion Indonesian jungle. He lives here in the exhibition along with his parents and older siblings from last year.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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