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The curious cases of car theft

The curious cases of car theft The trip to his car, only to find an empty parking space, it is a nightmare for all car owners. Its shiny darlings therefore protected as they can. Specialists in security and vehicle tracking system for stolen cars SHERLOG leave regularly. From time to time, but they will meet with a very curious case. Look at some of them.

Owner mistook exit to the parking lot, the car was stolen at

Perhaps everyone sometimes happens that when visiting the shopping center Forgetting where you parked. This extra parking spots are frequent car thefts, so it is not surprising that the owner, who set off for Christmas shopping to the hypermarket in Prague Pruhonice and then could not find my car, it considered stolen. "The place started search vehicles Sherlog along with the police. Alley parking lot were named after food. Seeking car was found in an alley broccoli. Owner had walked out of the store by another exit, and because he could not remember exactly where the car left, looking him in the alley cauliflower, "says Karel Badošek (Secar Bohemia).

The car headed to the service on the bucket "tow truck"

A number of cases where the allegedly stolen car set off a search of the vehicle Sherlog concerns visits to repair shops and car accidents. In one such case, the client came from central alarm unit installed in the car. It moved, and because it failed to contact the owner, went to the car team. As soon turned out, the car was on the back of a vehicle exhaust, carried them into service after the accident.

The car was on a test drive, the owner had forgotten to report

And another case is linked to the service. "The Sherlog mounted in the vehicle began to signal the alarm. Since the owner did not report, CSU along with riot police vehicles set off by a signal for ujíždějícím car and then he stopped. It turned out that not a thief, but a technology service, who after repairs have taken the car for a test drive, "says Badošek, with the owner, who was at that time in the labor negotiations, forget service report.

The ship was only loaned

A common reason for trips for the "stolen" car is undeclared loan to a family member or friend. One of these cases involved no car, but even a boat. When the unit is activated and the ship owner failed to client contact center, drove her to the signal CSU and the police. The ship was soon able to find, but stealing It was not - the owner loaned it and forgot to report it.

Son drove the car without permission

Often the cause of the exit also hire car without the owner's knowledge. "We contacted the owner who said that the vehicle must happen at home. After verifying that the car is not really home, and told the owner of this on line 158 has launched a search action SHERLOG and police. The vehicle was found in a nearby town. Lent them the son of the owner that he was carrying an identification chip, "says the expert.

The owner used the service drink and drive, but forgot to put the chauffeur chip

Quaint cases are often associated with carelessness owners themselves, as was indeed the case described in the first car in the parking lost. The other took place at night, when the client center received the alarm, and because he failed to contact the owner of the car, walked toward him CSU and the police. The car is then able to catch and stop. But as it became known, the person inside was not a thief, but a company employee type drink and drive, which the owner driving in another car lend chip.

Construction machine found at competition

An example of that can be quaint and theft alone, it is when the owner announced the alienation of the working machine. The unit is installed in the machine was again remotely activated to signal the search team went to the police. The car soon managed to find unexpected place. "The machine was found in full working process on site at a competing company," adds Karel Badošek.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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