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Rock for People arrive Marmozets natural and energetic punk Slaves

One of the hottest rock bands of the British scene in recent years, the band Marmozets, and Mercury Prize nominees punks Slaves - are the latest additions to the festival Rock for People, which will be held in Hradec Festivalpark 4 to 6 July 2017.

After Evanescence headed bewitching Amy Lee and Rock for People brings more "hardcore" band, which is ruled unmistakable and especially nepřeslechnutelná frontwoman - Yorkshire gang Marmozets. "The singer Rebecca" Becca "MacIntyre is quite exceptional phenomenon. Animal and indomitable frontwoman, which controls the podium completely different way than the vast majority of sophisticated, delicate and philosophising women, addressing the wounds of the soul, the body and the world, or ladies, fulfilling the function rather ornaments podium, "says one of the founders of the festival Michal Thomes. "This is a real rocker, about what every fan dreams."

Marmozets nejčerstvějšímu is among the most interesting and what can be the current British scene heard. Their hard music artfully combines the sharp riffs with catchy melodies and subtle rhythmic patterns and is also full of energy and distinct internal chemistry. Their debut předloňský The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets harvested rave reviews from critics and occupied top positions in category UK Rock & Metal Albums. And rumor has it that this year will see a new album.

Slaves while forming a duo composed of singer and bassist Laurie Vincent and drummer and vocalist Isaac Holman, but the issue for the whole orchestra. Your thoughts and energies into a distinct crackling music has conquered a lot of listeners. Their debut album, Are You Satisfied occupied from 2015 in the UK Album Charts eighth place and received a nomination for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize, and a year later released to great acclaim second CD Take Control with guest Mike D of the Beastie Boys. Deployment with whom the slaves picking up on stage and verve with which the uncompromising set of songs mostly short attack crushes the audience are already legendary. "We guarantee that the performances at this year's Slaves RfP will be an unforgettable experience for every fan energetic and heartfelt music," he adds with a smile Michal Thomes ..


Two talented sibling party from Bingley in West Yorkshire founded still in elementary school band, which now belongs to the nejčerstvějšímu and nezajímavějšímu what may be the current British scene to hear and see. Three of the family Macintyreových and two Bottomleyové are somewhat simplified and not quite correctly ranked pigeonholed as math-rock. Most important it is the fact that their hard music that can combine sharp riffs with catchy melodies and subtle rhythmic patterns, is full of energy and distinct internal chemistry. Quite exceptional phenomenon is then singer Rebecca "Becca" Macintyre, livestock and indomitable frontwoman. Sometimes wailing like a banshee, her throat could snarl angrily, unmodified wild mane of hair flutters around ecstatically downloaded the face with evil-eyed look. "We will not see together bouncing in rhythm, never neroztleskáváme people," Becca said in an interview: "This is bullshit, forget it."

The band, which passed in 2013 with the renowned label Roadrunner Records, released here a year later a successful debut, The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets, who took third place in the category UK Rock & Metal Albums. Marmozets were enthusiastically received at the UK's leading festivals: They have already imaginary scalps in the form of bracelets labeled "Artist" from Glastonbury, Download Festival, Reading & Leeds Festival and many others. This summer will be added to that collection as well as a number of European, led by Rock for People.


Guitarist, bassist and vocalist Laurie Vincent and drummer and vocalist Isaac Holman met briefly during the teenage years in his native British county of Kent, but know closer to Vincent when he joined the band Holman Bareface. Musician chemistry happened and soon the two of them went to the uncompromising quest for musical expression. Beginning in 2012 documented a more independent labels, in spring 2014, with the signing at Virgin EMI comes a breakthrough: Singles Hey and The Hunter began to spin on BBC Radio One. In an interview with the Guardian admitted both artists paradox that most surprised of the success to an otherwise really mainstream waves were themselves: "The fact that we are playing for the masses is just special," he says with a smile Holman (which incidentally marked the same sheet as the only singing drummer with a contract with a major label, which stands on drums), and adds: "i almost forget that it is your own band and think 'Thank you damned Radio One, you're playing and that kind of flak, that they're not just another love song" '.

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