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Shall We Dance ?, charming comedy with John Révaiem first time in Prague

Shall We Dance ?, charming comedy with John Révaiem first time in Prague The first Sunday of spring, March 26, at Celetná Theatre gala performance takes place brisk French comedy Shall We Dance? Charming game with John Révaiem starring passionate womanizer here has its Prague premiere.

Excellent written and with gusto game played are the authors Gérard Bitton and Michel Munz stated in Celetné Studio Tempest producer and actor Alexei lips.

The other roles comedy about a charming womanizer who decides the vision of a fabulous inheritance from her aunt to marry, further excel Polách Martin, Filip Čapek, Catherine Janečková and Charles Winter, directed by Jaromír Janecek.

"Shall we Dance? is the title that we are very happy because they are always talking about it all, the audience and the actors, "says producer Alexei Pyško. According to him, the game offers a "witty dialogue, sharp pace, cleverly constructed plot, beautiful acting opportunities and unexpected denouement ..."

The hero, philanderer Henri de Sacy (Jan Révai), learns that he has for his old aunt inherited a bundle of money. But there's a catch: Auntie has set a condition that the Reprobate nephew has a year and a day to get married. But how to go into the yoke and at the same time not lose freedom? "Henry's friend, the cunning lawyer, comes to the brilliant idea of combining both: the solution is surprising, the actual execution and consequences But even more surprising - and of course it's all great fun," suggests Alexei Pyško.

He was in Celetná Theatre appears as an actor: February 23, there will perform the role of the quirky lover of the heroine, a former astronaut Garrett, romantic comedy Terms of Endearment. A play written by Oscar-winning blockbuster of the same name (Garrett, played by Jack Nicholson) is concerned about the difficult relationship between mother and daughter. The central female role brilliantly played by John Janeková as Aurora, her daughter Emma plays Jitka Čvančarová.

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