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Phenomenal American singer LP for the first time in the Czech Republic: March 28 at The Roxy

Phenomenal American singer LP for the first time in the Czech Republic: March 28 at The Roxy LP aka Laura Pergolizzi, charismatic thirty-six American with an impressive, stunningly emotive voice, will perform on March 28 for the first time in the Czech Republic - at Roxy.

LP first became famous as the author of hit songs Rihanna, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys and Rita Ora. Last year, he broke through with a love song Lost On You, which occupied the world charts, radio and iTunes, Spotify or YouTube. The eponymous album awakened interest in the United States.

"I would say that I thoroughly songwriter and catchy for me is not a dirty word," he says about himself is a singer with Italian roots. Were it not for the ship tattooed on his chest and essential ukulele in hand, resembled the slender figure in men's suits and curly hair of a young Bob Dylan. He radiates immense commitment and ability to fulfill their songs right amount of drama and melody. He believes that the purpose of music is to help people feel good, so opted for a simple recipe: an appealing mix of rock, folk, Americana and pop built on the clear and dense guitar sound, but with a minimum deposit of electronics. He calls it "big indie" or "The stadium folkrock".

Born and raised in New York, now lives in Los Angeles. A breakthrough in her career came with the song Into the Wild used in advertising at Citibank and then the album Forever for Now produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Linkin Park, Dave Matthews Band), when the large group of musicians also appeared Isabella Summers (Florence and the Machine). More success came with the song Muddy Waters, scoring in a tense scene of the fourth series of the television series Orange Is the New Black. All successful track LP ranked fourth album Lost On You, with which since last December began worthily fulfill their American dream.

LP - Lost On You
LP - Muddy Waters
LP - Tokyo Sunrise

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