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Seven Dwarfs rare otter

Prague Zoo keepers as the first in continental Europe managed to reproduce Smooth otters. Seven precious pups, which still resemble dwarf copies of their parents, came into the world in January. Currently, they begin to leave security holes and the outside world slowly appearing in the exhibition pavilion of the Indonesian jungle.

Smooth otters behaves Prague Zoo as one of the few European zoos since 2013. In addition to the Prague zoo otters Smooth managed to reproduce only in the UK, where it comes from and to the Prague breeding pair. This is a six year old female and a three-Kiri male named Scotty. For both otters are born animals in January their first offspring, and they turn out to be exemplary parents.

At first the cubs, which even climb up the shed, cared only female. After the first month, when otters were opening his eyes to the care involved and the male who supervise them carefully in their first expeditions after exposure. Otter whole family, visitors can see the pavilion Indonesian jungle. Juveniles still reside most of the time in a secure shed, but very fast growing and are increasingly active. Otters are very skillful swimmers, so the chicks with the parents begin soon to learn to swim.

Smooth wild otters are found in Southeast Asia, India and Iraq. Their number in the wild is declining, mainly due to loss of habitat and pollution of waterways.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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