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Sebastian off on their first tour

Sebastian off on their first tour The awareness of Czech listeners pop singer Sebastian wrote the song most Stray. His first single, now has nearly 20 million YouTube views. Since its release the popularity of the singer, guitarist and composer continues to grow. Now Sebastian embarks on his first solo tour, which bears the name of the Stars Tour 2017.

Sebastian Navratil, the full its name, is considered one of the most outstanding musicians of the new generation. The whole year idle and is constantly working on new works. Currently he is dedicated to completing their debut album and detailed tunes preparing for live performances. On the occasion of Stars Tour 2017 in Prague preparing the album in March baptized.

The new idol is poised for a promising career, evidenced by the success of his latest music video for the song Stars, who within a few weeks collected over half a million views. Among domestic stars they are actually the fourth most played record of the Czech ether! And what the singer thinks his success on YouTube: Overall ,, me about the number of views on YouTube so impossible. I would be glad if my songs are played Czech radio in order to hear and people liked them. If the clips they see five or ten million, is substantial. I'm not doing this out of science. That every single mine was on the top rankings of the Czech IFPI is important to me, "says the singer with a smile.

The fact that a single tour will be one big show, fans need not doubt. Sebastian promises a new stage presentation, new songs and popular hits. Liven up the tour with a performance winner of the third Czech Slovak SuperStar Sabina Křováková with the band.

He started the band JUST TRY, which published a successful cover song We live only once. In 2015, he drew attention to himself single stray that earned him the prestigious award in polls Ocko TV or radio Evropa 2. The singer won him also for the Czech Nightingale nejstreamovanější Czech song.

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