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Eat "clean". Reduce the risk of intestinal inflammation

Additives in food is likely to play a big role in the possibility of the onset of inflammatory bowel disease. Turn them wants a new, modern way of life. This is called eating clean and has precisely defined rules.

In the developed Western world and more people who suffer from Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. The cause of these illnesses, however, remains a mystery. According to current theories in terms of the interplay of many factors. The role of genetic predisposition, intestinal bacteria, our environment and not least the food. The way we eat, and a range of substances that food into your body receive, over the past few centuries have changed beyond recognition.

No diet, but a lifestyle

Flour, sugar, meat, milk, vegetables - everything we eat has its origins in nature. Few food but now gets to our table in the same condition in which nature has created.

When the process of preparing food in them are added a variety of additives to reduce the cost, improve taste, color and durability. Many of these substances, but it is not a natural part of our diet. Clean eating, thus "clean eating" is a phenomenon that is trying to motivate people to eat foods in as natural a state.
Simplistic criterion for the selection of food is the presence of more than two ingredients on the label.
Generally, this direction leads people to eat fruit and vegetables, quality meats and side dishes.
Prefers to prepare meals at home.
Conversely limit trying to "processed foods" such as cold meats, sweets or foods.
Avoids frying as modifying unhealthy food.

Additives - dangerous unknown

Food additives on our body can be harmful. And this directly - toxic - but also indirectly - for example by influencing the intestinal flora. It communicates with our immune system and thus may contribute to the disease, such as inflammatory bowel disease . While a direct toxic effect of the additives are authorities on the lookout for harmful substances and prohibit indirect effects are much less described. Additives should in this respect be described as "dangerous unknown", which may have unexpected impacts on the body. This is evidenced, for example, a study by American scientists from 2016. It showed the effects of two common emulsifier (polysorbate 80 and carboxymethyl cellulose) on the formation of intestinal inflammation and thereby colorectal cancer.

Inspiration for health

Clean eating, although it is a modern phenomenon, brings to the field of healthy eating basically nothing new. Talk mainly about a balanced diet with plenty of fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables, limiting fatty foods, salt, and chemicals. Who are his principles delves deeper and encounters in addition to the strict rejection of ordinary white flour or sugar. It can be also considered by some to be excessive. Rather than as a perfect guide to a healthy lifestyle by eating clean and should be considered as an inspiration, both in nutrition to limit the amount of potentially harmful substances.

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