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With the hexa vaccine do not hesitate!

Vaccination of infants and older children is very important. Called. the hexa protect our children before the heaviest infections. Filing at the right time to ensure child protection from diseases that could be very dangerous for the baby.

Six in one

The hexa is a combination vaccine that protects against six dangerous infectious diseases. These are:
whooping cough,
Invasive strains of Haemophilus influenzae,
Hepatitis B.

False sense of security

Absolutely not true that the above-mentioned diseases do not endanger children. The first five diseases mentioned in the introduction of vaccination devastated the population of children (and neproočkovaných developing countries this is true today). Significant reduction in the incidence of these diseases depends on its high level of vaccination. The situation in the world shows that when it comes to its decline, the disease begin to rage again. The hardest course and the highest incidence of complications was then tend to infants and toddlers. Despite proper treatment ends many cases of death of the patient.

insidious hepatitis

Sixth on the list of diseases against which vaccination is aimed hexa is hepatitis B. Some people underestimate this disease and it is considered the disease of prostitutes and drug addicts. Apparently unaware that the transfer of the mere drop of saliva. In addition, outside the body of the virus remains contagious for at least a week and possibly infection is detectable earlier than 30 days. And in children is infection with hepatitis B veritable disaster. Why?
Nemívá no symptoms, so it is easy to spread further.
In infected children occurs in 80-90% of cases, the transition to a chronic state.
20-30% of adults with chronic infection eventually (often around 20 years of age) diagnosed with liver cancer and / or liver cirrhosis .

Excessive onslaught? No!

Application of the hexa is timed so that it occurred at a moment when the child is able to answer her immune and create protection. It is proven that works very well - not just individual components that do not suppress, but it seems that even helps. You ask whether the six vaccines at once is too much? Normally, it is very unlikely that the number of antigens (for antibody recognition units) in the vaccine was too burdensome or even caused the suppression of immunity . This opinion issued by the US Institute of Medicine in 1994. Vaccines have since undergone further developments to be as considerate as possible while maintaining efficacy. Currently the hexa contain 9-10 antigens, while natural infection with them in the organism receiving thousands. We can say that the vaccine gives the body a "brief summary" about microbes and viruses, so that no unnecessary burdens and without life-threatening infections could generate protection.

What are vaccinated

In the Czech Republic there are two the hexa. Their results are equivalent and thus the difference lies in the manipulation before use. The first of these has five components prepared in advance and the sixth to be reconstituted shortly before vaccination. The second takes the form of cash pre-injection, which you can unpack and get vaccinated. This eliminates the risk of dilution of the last component, which may be an omission or contamination timeout.

Treat your children with effective protection. Inoculate the risks are incomparably greater than the risks of vaccination.

Author of the article: MD. Tereza Kopecká
Source: U lékař

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