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Cheap sausages - you can buy quality at a reasonable price?

Quality sausage should not have, and in many cases even not include reprint, ie mechanically separated meat. Consumer magazine dTest had tested sausages from Czech shops that are at a reasonable price and according to reprint labels contain.

Assessor interested in meat content and the presence of other ingredients, taste, and that, if the manufacturer on the packaging show truthful information. The good news is that the sausages are meatier than required by ordinance, but also proved misleading consumers.

Laboratory examined 15 different kinds of sausages from major manufacturers and private label retail chains. Selection criterion was the price lower than CZK 180 / kg in the test are met and sausages with the epithets "Vienna", "Spiš" or "fine". These are the specialties which legislation puts special requirements, such as minimum meat content must be between 50 and 60?% Depending on the species.

"When selecting our park would be most interested in the content of the meat. We were pleased that essentially none of the prescribed minimum satisfied and offer some sausages and much meatier. For example, fine sausages butcher marks declare plate 90?% Of meat, although according to the decree would be enough to just 50?%, "Says Hana Hoffmann, editor in chief Dtest. He adds: "The price as an indicator of quality here can not rely too much. The difference between the samples with the highest and lowest declared content of meat did in our test less than 2 CZK / kg. None of the products in terms of content but cheated meat and sausages are generally more meat than indicated on the label. "

In all parks defined regulation is prohibited reprint, or mechanically separated meat. A reprint was not mentioned in the composition of any of the tested products and dTest checked whether it still does not contain sausages. The feedstock for example poultry reprint the chicken carcass, which under the pressure passed through a sieve that captures bone and soft tissue release. Mechanically separated meat, whether poultry or other, according to the European regulation should not be counted in the total meat content and the label must always be stated separately. Laboratory reveals reprint in the product by residual bone and a higher calcium content. "In our test, this damning combination appeared in two cases. Unconfessed reprint contained frankfurters from Kosteleckých sausages and pork sausages Schneider brand of meat-packing plants in Pilsen, "says Hana Hoffmann.

Also evaluated the sensory properties such as appearance, taste, smell and consistency, both cold and after heating. In comparison with the measurement of the meat turned sensory evaluation worse to very good grade none of the samples did not reach. "The highest score won the K-Classic Viennese sausages from Kaufland, where a single evaluators highlighted their good taste. These parks have also become the test winner and also offered as the best balance between price and quality, "says Hoffmann. In the remaining sausages in the taste deficiencies they found, whether it was a foreign flavor or unbalanced saltiness and spiciness. The worst - with sufficient - came from Schneider tasting pork sausages. The evaluators criticized them particularly uncharacteristic muddy flavor and consistency.

The test focused on ingredients, without which it would be good pair could and should bypass such as vegetable protein, fiber and starch. These additives are used as raw materials zlevňující, bind the excess water and replace the meat itself. Frankfurters often include taste enhancers and colorants. Six of the fifteen products tested - K-Classic Vienna sausages, Dulan delicious sausages, Schneider Selection Spišské frankfurters, Globus Vienna sausages, Bill Spišské sausages and frankfurters from Kosteleckých sausages - without these ingredients bypassed, which proves that the sausages can be produced without these "tools".

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