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Slatinice, Jáchymov Losiny ... Recover lost energy in the spa

Multiple sclerosis (not only Can both body and mind properly loaded. Helping with the treatment and abreaction can stay at the spa. Leave the daily routine and workload and pay only yourself and your body - it reliably returns most patients quickly into shape.

Each residence is governed by the current condition of the patient and the specific schedule of treatments. What exactly selected resorts offer?

Hydrotherapy in Slatinice

Hydrotherapy is the basis of many spa visits. Mineral water is helping to release a prokrvovat muscles and tissues. The sulphurous water, which are available at the spas in Slatinice near Olomouc, helps relieve pain. It is used not only in diseases of the nervous system, but also during movement disorders. In Slatinice certainly appreciate the warm wraps to relieve zatuhlým back and joints. And if you choose to tired hands paraffin wrap, you can choose as an additive fragrance that will pleasantly calm.

Exercise in the mountains - it's Jáchymov

Individual and group therapeutic exercise in multiple sclerosis is one of the main activities. Physiotherapist you during your stay at the spa will learn how to practice at home. The better you learn the exercises at the spa, and constrain them, the longer the effect will have a spa stay. Program in the gym and in the pool is ready for you, for example, in the spa Jáchymov. Beautiful surroundings Ore Mountains adds stay very refreshing touch. You can liven up the day should be a trip to the nearby town of Ostrov. Exceptional architecture of this place, for example, or large chateau park can be charmed as well as themselves Ore Mountains.

Massage in the heart of Moravian Slovakia

Very popular are the spa massages. Pleasantly relaxes muscles, but also tunes psyche. A wide variety of these procedures they offer a picturesque spa Nova Ves is situated in a quiet setting near the Moravian Empire. Prohřátými massage with lava stones allow at least for a moment forget all the worries. You will feel it when, as the heat releases the tension in the body. Honey or herbal massage energizes both in winter and summer residence. Full day to complete necessary procedures can stroll along the colonnade.

The thermal baths attract Losiny

Among the thermal baths, which help in neurological and movement problems and can be used for instance to less disposable relaxing stay, belongs Losiny. The local thermal water improves the joint flexibility and improved spasticity limbs, which is typical for multiple sclerosis. Losiny is located in the beautiful foothills. You can replenish spa program, inter alia, on handmade paper mill or visit the Renaissance castle.

Source: Ereska aktivně.cz

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