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Six tips to get used to new drugs

Did you get a new medicine to regular use? Or even a whole bunch of drugs? Advice, help!

If you take medication long-term, you should be to build responsibly. Do not wait until tomorrow, next week or next year. Here we go!

Thoroughly familiar with them.

Look at the packaging of drugs - commercial name, the active ingredient, strength (the amount of active ingredient) and instructions for use by physician / pharmacist. Open the box, tuba, etc. And see how the tablet looks.
Read the leaflet and make sure that nothing prevents you to take medication. If something does not appear, please call as soon as possible and yet doctors do not take the tablets.
ORDERING drugs to its list long of drugs. You do not have it? Error! Write down and carry him always with you, even in your wallet. For each drug, write the name, active ingredient, strength, dosage and the appearance of the tablets. For example:
Rybex (kapromycin), 25 mg, 1-0-1 (number of tablets taken in the morning - midday - evening), green marbles,
Sumex (metylsumec), 100 mg, 2-0-0, blue capsules, etc.

What will such a list be?

When communicating with your doctor will be priceless.
Also, you can save considerable difficulties in the case of hospitalization.
Faithfully maintained list will help you even when you get another product with the same active ingredient. For example, instead Rybex get Fishex (kapromycin), 25 mg. But because through the list you know that the same substance at the same strength was in Rybex, you can place a phone call doctors go in peace to make the coffee.

Every day, take medication list, not according to the motto "I'll take whatever I can find."
For security, store your medication separately. If you live with someone who regularly take medication, get on your "arsenal" individual cups or boxes. They will help you not to confuse pills each.
For added convenience, you can buy a dispenser of drugs - a box with numerous compartments, which resembles an Advent calendar. Once a month filling and then just taking.
If you're young and you offend the use of aids for the elderly, some invent a mnemonic device, by which drugs can remember. Must reassemble their initial letters in an easy to remember word. Your imagination!

Drugs today accompany virtually everyone, especially in the elderly. Build a positive relationship with them and your life will be happier.

Source: Diary

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