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Unbroken. Women who defied harsh conditions in Afghanistan, India and Cameroon

Unbroken. Women who defied harsh conditions in Afghanistan, India and Cameroon Undaunted documentary about three women who, despite their difficult fates could defy his fate, just completed four authors Jarmila moldings, Olga Šilhová, Margaret Kutilová and Lenka Klicperová.

Three heroines of the film, an Afghan doctor and current Minister of Health, the very young victim of acid attack in India and actor of the campaign against breast Fusing in Cameroon, combining the strength to fight against human rights violations. Creator of the film again unites the fact that, as a journalist, photographer and documentarian, visit the troubled areas of the world where conflicts are often led war.

Oryakhil the Afghan gynecologist and Minister of Health, who worked in his field for over Taliban when women were not allowed to work. Ritu is a young woman from India, which at seventeen spilled acid attackers because they rejected the proposals of one man and now leads a charity cafe for girls with a similar story. Kamerunka Fomuso the age of twelve witnesses Fusing his chest teenage cousin and is now in his country the main characters, the campaign against this practice. "We live in a free country and we feel the need to point out the places where women are not so lucky. Each one such publication fate, every movie or any record of that injustice in these countries shows a great sense, "says Jarmila stucco.

from Afghanistan studied medicine, although the literacy of women is only a fifteen percent. Today he runs his hospital for women Malalai, which adopts a hundred patients a day, spreading sexual awareness and is also a minister in the Afghan government. "Working in Afghanistan was a big challenge to shoot especially women in public is almost impossible. Dr. Oryakhil was also kept very busy work at clinics and we felt that we can not ask for more than a few hours of time. Working for Afghan women were just more , "says Lenka Klicperová.

Find in Cameroon someone who would engage in the fight against breast Fusing was not easy. "For a local company is Fusing breast taboo. It's a thing that we do not speak," explains Margaret Kutilová. Fusing tradition Breast nažhaveným granite stone out of the public walks third of girls in Cameroon and other West African countries, should thus be protected against rape. Although girls undergo surgery heinous daily for about four months, its effect is never long. Documentary revolved girl Fomuso of Bamenda, which defied the practice and leads Cameroon's campaign against Fusing chest. Fusing phenomenon chest is almost unknown in the Czech Republic for a Czech audience for the first time documented in the film just Undaunted. Klicperová, Kutilová, Šilhová and moldings are the first Czech journalist who deal with the phenomenon in detail.

In India, the director decided to map the victims of acid attacks and chose Rita, who despite his disfigurement live active lives. Along with other disabled girls run in Agra café Sheroes where these women work and the support of people around the world have been campaigning Stop Acid Attacks. "Project Cafe burned women was a great success, thanks to the activities Rita and the other is now in India to convict the attackers up to twenty years in prison," says Olga Šilhová. Filming document, which lasted three years, it was due to aggravated in the extreme areas demanding iz for a limited time, which did not revolve single scene once or only a minute longer. "for example, move around Kabul, is always associated with the risk that somewhere detonate a suicide bomber, or you get into the hands of kidnappers. Everything had to adapt safety requirements, "says Jarmila stucco.

The film can be watched for free on and 22 February also The authors of the document Lenka Klicperová, Margaret Kutilová, Olga and Jarmila Šilhová moldings are Prizewinner Czech Press Photo.
Lenka Klicperová Olga Šilhová Femisphera founded a civic association, which now brings together more female celebrities and focuses on documenting the problems of the Third World, with emphasis on women's issues.

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