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Twenty-four violins of the king - a unique instrument orchestra of Louis XIV in Prague

On Friday, March 3 at the Concert Hall of the Prague Conservatory on Rejdišti will sound totally unique collection of stringed musical instruments of unusual sizes and shapes in Prague presents violin virtuoso and conductor Patrick Cohen-Akenine, author of the project Twenty-four violins of the king.

In addition to concert music loving public to become familiar with these tools during a presentation with solid commentary by Patrick Cohen-Akenina on 27 February at the Concert Hall of the Prague Conservatory in the Palffy Palace in Waldstein street.

Summer Festivities of Early Music Collegium Marianum and continue the extremely interesting collaboration with the Centre for Baroque Music in Versailles (CMBV). In Prague, will debut a collection of unique instruments reconstructed based on not quite preserved originals and period illustrations, descriptions, but also the calculations using the latest technology and craftsmanship knack. Play on them will be selected students of secondary schools and music academies and young professionals from several countries who your weekly workshop will conclude with a concert. Workshop itself can participate passively (after registration).

"Building on the successful international project Vingt-quatre Violons du roi (Twenty-four of the king's violins), which is a reconstruction of the famous orchestra of King Louis XIV." Approximates remarkable project Monika Vaclová, director of the Summer Festivities of Early Music, and adds: "A set of tools borrowed from the prestigious Baroque music Centre in Versailles contains for example sized violin in "oversized" violas, which during the game hung around the neck, or the 'cello' so small that they are holding on their knees. "

Twenty-four of the king's violin in Prague reappear on August 7 in the Dvorak Hall in the Rudolfinum, where they become part of the orchestra Collegium Marianum at the final concert of this year's Summer Festivities of Early Music. The festival, which begins July 11, will have a unifying theme "Versailles" and will reflect the beauty and splendor of musical life at the royal court in the late 17th and throughout the 18th century.

ACADEMY OF VERSAILLES is a cultural and educational project of old music for students of secondary school and university music schools and young professionals from the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. This is a five-day workshop for orchestral players for string instruments (violin, viola and cello) led by violin virtuoso and conductor Patrick Cohen-Akenina. The project, organized by the Collegium Marianum - Týn School Ltd., is prepared in cooperation with the Centre for Baroque Music in Versailles (CMBV), the French Institute and the Prague Conservatory. It is also part of a long-term collaboration between the prestigious CMBV, whose mission is the preservation and dissemination of culture heritage of the French Baroque, and the International Music Festival Summer Festivities of Early Music. Other tutors and heads of individual instrumental groups will be François Poly (FR) and the members of the Prague ensemble Collegium Marianum Vojtech Semerád and Lenka Torgersen. Participants at Versailles from the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Poland, but also the USA, Chile and Japan, were chosen on the basis of a competition which took place in November 2016 in Prague.

The project Vingt-quatre Violons du roi (Twenty-four of the king's violins) Centre of Baroque music in Versailles, which has so far participated mainly students of French music schools and the Royal College of Music, since 2010 introduced, for example, at the Chateau de Versailles, at the festival in Montpellier or at the London Proms.

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