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Stress in business can lead to the collapse of marriage and health problems

The path to a successful business is usually long and almost always associated with great dedication and work pressure. Long-term stress can be very detrimental to our mental and physical health. Psychologists advise entrepreneurs neupínat only to work and watch the signals that the body sends out to help can also share worries with others.

Lead business and not to be stressed probably not. From the perspective of a psychologist can be problems associated with high work engagement divided into several phases. The first is the significant lack of time, but entrepreneurs who initially sees as a problem, because his wife for a purpose, and the work is satisfying. The combination of necessity and self-realization, along with the need to fulfill his ambition brings a carousel. People are starting to spend most of his time working and found it too emotional satisfaction.

"In the next phase begin to suffer most relationships and personal time when we devote to hobbies. Some entrepreneurs fortunately beginning to address, moving in working time and energy devoted to acceptable levels in order to prevent a third, most serious stage. In that appear severe physical or mental problems and is usually present also relational crisis in marriage, "says psychologist Tomas Moravek, which focuses on solving personal and professional problems. According to him, can simultaneously detect gradual signs of burnout - work appears only as routine, lacking positive emotional response, one is listless and without energy work.

Loss of concentration, feeling frustration and burnout and family problems, which describes psychologist, confirmed by the entrepreneurs themselves. "Fears that the business end crash, possibly feeling that the business does not make sense and the chance of success is slim, these are problems that entrepreneurs come into contact every day. It is important not to succumb to these feelings and start to actively solve problems, "says George Jemelka informal association of Christian businessmen compass.

Over the imaginary breaking point considered psychologist Moravek state where our body sends signals that something is wrong. "For instance the pain without apparent cause. Furthermore, if our immediate neighborhood says that drags the string. ' And when our psyche does not allow a good night's sleep and take pleasure in ordinary things around, "says Moravek. Ideally, the entrepreneur in this state with the help of prevention had never arrive.

Prevention in this case by means Moravek neupínat only to work and to create a program of healthy habits. "Such habits include seemingly simple things like regular active and passive recreation, and time with family and friends. Very effective aerobic sport. Everything works if you do, we will designate in their lives really important time. Repeating a phrase that is not the time ', usually leads to psychological problems, "says the psychologist.

An important aspect of prevention of these problems is also sharing challenges that an entrepreneur faces. "It may be a conversation with family and friends, or even with other entrepreneurs who can contribute to solving the problem through a similar perspective. Sharing thoughts and feelings with people who actually solves the same problems, it brings a certain degree of relief, "adds George Jemelka whose association once every three months organizes meetings of entrepreneurs who aim to support businesses in their efforts and also to give them space for mutual discussion and support.

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