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How to prepare the house for spring?

How to prepare the house for spring? With spring in the air ends resting time and long evenings by the fireplace or under a blanket. Many people are now starting cleansing of the body, slowly pull spades gardeners and drivers prepare cars and motorbikes. During the spring cleaning but you should not forget your house or apartment.

A thorough revision from basement to attic to avoid more severe damage, and later due to small repairs can make your living in one afternoon rumble, as if you had just moved in. Learn a few basic tips on how to get home again after the winter in great condition.

Every homeowner knows that with every extra square meter increasing and work. The house is always something to do. But mostly waiting until they are work and repairs are really necessary. Try it differently this year and spend at least one weekend of spring to your home. Look carefully everything he could in the winter frost damage. Also check and securely store all you do not need next winter. If something needs to be replaced, an investment carefully. "A lot of worries, we can save now that you choose for the building materials and products in the design and quality that has only minimal ongoing maintenance," said Lubomír Valenta (Lomax).

Start a thorough walk around check

Before you do anything you start, walk around the house from the outside and took a look at him. Look closely at the facade, windows and doors. Examine whether the man fall lining neoloupala the color of the fence whether or not the sidewalk Scrape hole. The house will then focus mainly on land. Make sure that you nezatíká inside of the roof, or that you are in the attic during the winter did not settle uninvited guests in the form of a mouse or horse. Subsequently go through the cellar and make sure that all walls withstood the winter frosts, you will never get settled down and blight are okay and windows leading into basements. It pays to take with you on a tour of the block and make a list of everything that is needed to put the spring gradually to the right.

Do not forget the details

After a cursory inspection is a need to focus on the details. For example, worn seals on windows and doors nedovírající you had besides colds can happen and a lot of money. Leaks stands up for half the heat loss in the house. Differences in temperature around windows and doors and the rest of the house in addition may cause fogging, wetting and subsequent mold seal and the surrounding plaster. Apart from leak check and hinges. Especially in winter doors are exposed to great stress and may need to be greased.

Control of distribution and chimney to qualified personnel

Fireplace, gas boiler, chimney. It was during the winter in a proper harness and often worked continuously. For their revision But rather invite experts. You can be sure that you have not overlooked anything, and the revision of the chimney Plus, you can also tick off a legal obligation. If you feel that the house is cold and the boiler works as it should, try to bleed the radiators. Fireplace in addition to a professional check the fireplace insert and a proper chimney effect after the main heating season, treat yourself and thorough cleansing. A special vacuum cleaner to suck all the ash residues and clean the inside of the glass with a special foam, which gets rid of the soot and grease. From the outside, just use Jarově water.

Odzimujte a terrace or balcony

On a pleasant spring and especially summer sitting Prepare a terrace or balcony. Floors easy to clean high-pressure cleaner, which can be directly used for garden furniture. For natural materials, make sure that does not need a new layer of protective coating preventing mold and other damage. If necessary, treat yourself to a new paint job and railings. Also thoroughly inspect outdoor blinds and awnings. "I recommend above all tour guides and rails and fluency downloading them or pulling. If they are equipped with electric motors, and they should undergo a thorough inspection and, if necessary adjustment. Do not forget the seemingly small things like checking the batteries in their remote controls, "says Lubomír Valenta list.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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