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Places where you can not do without a guide

While some prefer discovers a world of its own, like the other uses the services of travel guides. In some cases, however, the services of an experienced guide is essential. In the following article we bring you a few tips on places where without the accompaniment hardly familiar.

Rome: Hundreds of monuments in one place

Rome has long been among the most popular European cities. Popular is mainly due to a number of diverse sights. The main Italian city you come across an old ancient monuments, Baroque churches and Renaissance art. Orientate in a large number of monuments and learn about each it is most important when visiting Rome almost impossible. It is therefore recommended to rely on the help of an experienced guide who will show you the hidden treasures and attractions in the streets of the Italian capital. Allowing you to discover, for example, ancient statue of a cat on Via della Gatta or marble foot, which is a remnant of a gigantic Roman sculpture. You can also choose specialized guided tours where you perform Rome guide, for example, a book by Dan Brown's Angels and Demons or the cult film Roman Holiday.

Giza pyramids portray the life of the pharaohs

Pyramids among the most complex structures in the world. The intricate network of tunnels had in the past to provide the pharaohs eternal calm sleep and discourage robbers tombs. To this day, so archaeologists are discovering new secret passages and rooms, and uncover the secrets of the pyramids. Probably the most famous pyramids, which are available for ordinary tourists, are those of Giza. You can visit several pyramids, headed by Cheops, which is with its height of 146 meters and the monumental dimensions of the largest Egyptian pyramid. You can also see the Great Sphinx, village workers and a number of other smaller tombs. "The pyramids of Giza are located about 20 km from the capital of Egypt, Cairo. Even tourists who went to the sea, and can together with a guide or a delegate to take a day trip to this very popular site, which is among the seven wonders of the world, "says Michal Tuma ( Now the services of an experienced guide or a travel agent in Egypt pays to use, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently is in addition to trips organized by tourist offices does not recommend any individual traveling through the Sinai Peninsula.

The remains of millions of Parisians found in local catacombs

Lose yourself in the basement full of human remains would probably want to leave anybody. A similar situation may happen to you in a popular European capital that is often described as one of the most romantic cities - Paris. Local catacombs penetrated more than 200 years ago, and their main task was to resolve the critical situation with insufficient capacity Parisian cemeteries. Stored here and the remains of millions of people and are preserved to this day. It currently has Parisian catacombs to 190 kilometers of tunnels and at a depth of twenty meters underground emanate beneath all of Paris. Still, it is open to the public only a fraction of the underground burial catacombs belongs to a very popular tourist attractions. "Paris catacombs are made available to tourists every day except Mondays and national holidays. Due to the low temperatures around 10 ° C, it pays to take a tour of high-quality shoes and warm clothes, "says Michal Tuma. The average duration of the tour of the catacombs is approximately 45 minutes.

Rainforests in Indonesia attract fauna and flora

Rainforests in Indonesia are among the oldest on the planet and provide a home to dozens of endangered animals. With an experienced guide, for example, you can watch orangutans in their natural environment, or meet Sumatran tiger. One of the most beautiful forests then can be found on Sumatra, where in addition to rare animals can also explore the many volcanoes or Lake Toba - the largest crater lake of the world. Offers interesting possibilities but also Bali, which in recent years has enjoyed great interest of Czech tourists. In the western part of the island you can visit the National Park Taman National Bali Barat area of ​​19,000 hectares, where you can admire two hundred plants, dozens of corals and diverse fauna. Now an experienced guide will alert you to the most interesting natural highlights, and without risk.

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