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Masaryk is an excerpt from the madhouse

The new film by director Julius Sevcik Masaryk, dedicated to one life term diplomat and politician Jan Masaryk will have a gala premiere this week, 03.01 in Lucerna and Světozor cinemas. Do wide distribution enters into theaters March 9, 2017.

The film takes place in several time and thematic levels. Masaryk after Munich resorted to a secluded mental hospital in New Jersey, where he tries to deal with a political failure. The demo can be seen even special coatings on the tub, which prevented the patient to hurt. Sails on the tub had to leave specially to sew.

Masaryk therapist is dr. Stein. "At this time, the German doctor politically unpredictable," describes the relationship Masaryk and doctors actor Hanns Zischler. Dr. Stein is not trying to be forthcoming about his personal situation. And his shyness and possibly even protect themselves has resulted in an interesting relationship between them.

In the course of the film, this relationship is changing. "I think one of the interesting moments in the script is just their personal relationship, which will take effect at the right time, when it's not just the patient and the doctor. In some respects actually converge, albeit without having to become friends. You can, however, rely on each other. Thus arises a tacit understanding in the life situation of these masters. And if you can understand someone who is in a difficult political and psychological situation, you can understand almost everything. This can be useful, "says the actor Hanns Zischler, who was part dr. Stein nominated for the Czech Lion.

German actor and writer who has experience from Hollywood productions and spun example, Steven Spielberg, is highly familiar with Prague, which he attended from the 70s and Czech history, so the personality of Masaryk's birth he was very well known.

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