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Colds antibiotics resolved. So they are useful?

Runny nose, cough, fatigue. When we called. Got a cold, life is not worth anything. If drugs against fever and nasal drops just do not work, some people want to accelerate the healing of antibiotics. However, this is irresponsible and most unnecessary health hazard.

Colds tolerates everyone else. Someone he did not even notice and continues on in all activities, another must lie down even for a week in bed. Many then begin to wonder whether it would not help antibiotics. But the fact that you really do not feel well, does not mean that it's time to start taking this type of medication.

Viruses are not afraid

Antibiotics can save lives. However, they have one ability: they can kill bacteria. And only bacteria. Viruses, yeasts, fungi or parasites, their presence does not matter. On the contrary, they sometimes testify. Indeed, when antibiotics pozabíjejí all competitors in the body may stubbornly thrive. And that's why when colds this kind of drugs does not help - the cause of the ailment usually viral. With antibiotics it is not easy. Their use at the wrong time may cause unnecessary complications, while treatment benefits are not.

Bacteria are gossips!

Bacteria are very clever. Once you show them an antibiotic, very quickly they figure out how to fight him. This information will come to pass quickly and at a time when antibiotic treatment really need no longer effective. This can sometimes endanger the patient on life. Therefore, it is a basic necessity to keep these drugs from bacteria "in secret" and not to show them unnecessarily.

Only on prescription

Do not take antibiotics that are home to find "the last time". You've probably had them prescribed for a purpose other than to treat current illness. Each type is occupying only certain types of bacteria. So if you miss it (which is quite certain), you get back to unnecessary problems. Antibiotics must always be prescribed by a doctor. Bacterial Resistance to them is due to the irresponsible use continues to increase, and if we are not careful, we efficacy of antibiotics soon lose forever. The consequences would be tragic.

When to go help?

So how do you know it's the right time to go to the doctor and ask if antibiotics are not necessary after all? This can not exactly say, but noticeable if you should be especially high fever associated with:
expectoration of large quantities of mucus,
difficulties in breathing ,
very strong pain in the neck ,
severe headache and stiff neck.

If you suffer from common difficulties - just cold, forget to antibiotics. There are other ways to help.

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