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Eight good reasons why let your child vaccinated

It cares about your child's health and weight, whether it be immunized? Then you should know that the risks of non-vaccination are incomparably higher. Read why.

If you are interested vaccination, be very careful. Not all of the information that comes back to you, they are credible and substantiated. Why do doctors recommend vaccination?

1. All we would be delighted if to protect against severe infections could a healthy lifestyle . Unfortunately, it is not enough. Infectious diseases can actually prevent a single immunization. Until its discovery were life-threatening infection common in children and fatalities and permanent consequences were tragic literally.
2nd Gain immunity to natural infection is good only for conventional non-serious viral infections. Compulsory vaccination of the disease but they are quite different. Permanent consequences and death are they far more often than the serious side effects of vaccination. You want to know how much?
Of the 10,000 infants infected with tetanus would have died 2 000-5 000 Originator tetanus yet found everywhere in soil and infection just a skinned knee.
Of the 10,000 infants infected with diphtheria should have died about 4 200th
Of the 10,000 infants infected with whooping cough, according to current data from Brazil died about 200-400.

If we vaccinate, the incidence of diseases practically zero or very low (individual cases), suspected adverse reaction is reported in children 8-9, with the vast majority of it will be the expected response (referred to in the SPC, ie SPC) and life probably was not anyone.
Some diseases can arrive in a European area within a few hours, while others are even still exist - for example, whooping cough.
Vaccination was a clear turning point, which led to a decline in the incidence of serious infections, but until they are eradicated, be vaccinated on. Everywhere in the world where the vaccine has been interrupted because of the disappearance of local infection, almost immediately began to appear new cases.
Unvaccinated individuals endangers not only themselves but also those who can not be vaccinated (those with congenital immune disorder, babies too young for vaccination, etc.) Or in which the vaccine failed to induce sufficient protection. These individuals are dependent on so-called. Collective immunity that is a lack of susceptible individuals able to spread the infection.
Vaccination is very effective and safe. It just does not claim the vaccine manufacturers, but also eg World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF).
Even you yourself can always get into the situation of those who depend on the collective immunity and the need to make others get vaccinated. Just to let you suffered cancer or you needed a transplant organ. Encouraging vaccination is worth every one of us.
Are you expecting a baby? His safety will depend largely on whether his predecessors get vaccinated. It is a common scenario that refusing vaccination leads to a disease of older children who survive the disease, but succumb to her infants who still can not be vaccinated.

Do not make decisions about the lives of others. The system of protection against infectious diseases originated long. It draws on the experience of the dramatic manifestations of diseases that nowadays, thanks to vaccines already experienced a few, but their agents are still in our neighborhood. Vaccination definitely worth it.

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